iOS App Development: How To Become A Successful iOS App Developer

iOS app development is niche that a lot of app developers find attractive. This is because of the features, flexibility, functionalities and opportunities on the platform. The good news is that you don’t need to be a guru to develop on the iOS platform. You only need to have a basic knowledge of coding to […]

What Is Functional Testing And Why Is It Important?

What Is Functional Testing? Functional testing helps to make sure that developers create an application according to outlined requirements. While testing, the testers will check each function of the software program. They will compare the test result with the expected result. It helps developers know if an application works according to specified expectations or not. […]

Mobile App Development NYC

Americans spend an average of 4 hours on their phones daily. Same goes for residents of New York city. What do people do on their phones? Moving from one app to another. According to data from APP Annie, an average smartphone user has 80 apps on their phone. As the number of smartphone users grow […]

NodeJS Vs ReactJS

Web developers are having a hard time making a lot of decisions about web creation. They need to use a web application that will give them a very strong online presence. This is important for their brand image. One of the most frequent challenges business owners face is how to choose a JavaScript framework (JS). […]

How To Create A Wireframe For Your Mobile App

Do you want to build a mobile app? Which type of app are you looking to create? How do you want it to look like? What are the app’s functionalities? On what platform is the app going to be? Indeed, you must have a lot in mind for your mobile applications. There are many stages […]

16 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps You Should Consider

Technology is constantly evolving and one of its major advancements is artificial intelligence. With the invention of AI, a task that will take a lot of time and resources to execute can be done in a short range of time by machines and computer programs. This makes AI a better alternative compared to the old […]

Functional Programming in Swift

Swift was introduced into the programming world in 2014. That was a turning point in software development for both macOS and iOS platforms. It brought more than a new programming language. It gave programmers a new way to write more efficient and less cumbersome codes. This article focuses on one of the several features of […]

How To Build The Next Million Dollar App

Apps have made life easier, and they will continue to for many years. You can book a ride from any location with the Uber app and get a ride to your destination in no time. The Tinder app makes online dating convenient. Think of how many times you have used an app for shopping or […]

A Guide To Understanding Blockchain Development

What Is Blockchain? Blockchain is a database that allows digital information storage in different locations. The stored information becomes very difficult to change. Although, the network of computers in the Blockchain updates it from time to time. It also checks the copies of the database often. This is to ensure that the information on these […]

3 Ways To Hire An iPhone App Developer

Smartphones have made app developers one of the most sought after professionals. There are about 14 million app developers in the world. Based on a study by Evans Data Corporation, this figure was only 2 million during 2006. About 2.7 billion people use smartphones. So, it is safe to say that the demand for app […]

8 Important Features Of A Profitable On-demand App

Many years ago, cell phones were very valuable. This is because we could use them to make and receive calls, send and receive messages. The advent of smartphones disrupted the phone industry. It redefined the value of this handheld device. Your phone has now become a hub for a lot of daily activities. Activities that […]

How To Make A Game App: 8 Simple Steps To Follow To Make A Winning Game App

There are millions of game apps on various platforms. Game app development and mobile gaming is a huge industry. This is an industry with huge return on investment. The huge earning potential in the industry has aroused developers’ interest. Now many people are interested in learning how to make a game app. According to a […]

Best Parental Control Apps For Android And iOS Devices

Tech addiction is a serious concern for adults as well as kids. This is the internet age where all kinds of content can be accessed through your smartphone. Internet availability means kids can access many things through their mobile devices. This can either be on purpose or by accident. It is important for parents who […]

What Does The Future Hold For App Developers?

The 20th Century saw an unprecedented rise in the use of computers. That revolution has only grown stronger in the 21st Century. There are 1.3 billion personal computers in use worldwide, according to About 2.7 billion of the world’s 7.7 billion population use a smartphone. There are over 1.5 billion tablet users worldwide as […]

Gig Economy: The New Face of Work in the Emerging Digital World

Gig Economy: The New Face Of Work In The Emerging Digital World The global financial crisis of the late 2000s opened up various opportunities. The economic meltdown changed the way the hired relate to hirers. With the popularization of the gig economy, thinkers see the crisis as a sort of blessing in disguise. The once […]

20 Best Apps For College Students

20 Best Apps For College Students Are you a college student? It may appear that studying needs some amendment to suit your needs. The truth is that learning on its own has never been fun. It’s the students’ and educators’ creativity that is infusing dynamism into learning. App developers are rising to the challenge. There […]

9 Best Sports Betting Apps You Should Check Out

9 Best Sports Betting Apps You Should Check Out Have you ever wondered why users, or you, may prefer to use one betting app instead of another? Users’ preference may differ. But there are some betting apps with features that cause them to stand out from the pack. A useful sports betting app should have […]

Vue vs. React: Which is the Better Framework in 2019?

Vue vs. React: Which is the Better Framework in 2019? If you are a web developer, you may have come across these powerful web design tools, React (ReactJS) and Vue (VueJS). You may be wondering which of these tools will be ideal for your web development project. This review will compare the two tools and […]

11 Best Security And Privacy Apps For Android Devices

The time to talk about privacy and security on the internet couldn’t be more appropriate than now. The online space has become more unsafe in recent time. The web users’ fear over digital privacy invasion has risen. It became more intense after the indictment of major tech companies. Especially those that were over illegal data […]

Need To Build A Streaming APP? Here Are Important Things You Need to Know

The entertainment industry is having its own fair share of disruption. Video production and views are no exception. It has also extended its tentacles to the art of broadcasting. It’s changing the process of video and audio presentations as well. Are you are looking to build a streaming app for your company or brand? There […]