10 best couples apps for Android!

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix - couples apps on Pixel 3 XL phone
Most app lists are for individual use. Smartphones can be great for couples as well. It’s really just a selection of apps that can be useful for more than one person. In reality, it’s a difficult subject to broach. Couples need different things. They have different styles and do different things together. Thus, we tried to keep a lighter touch with this piece. We’ll also name some alternatives in case the ones we list don’t work. Here are the best couples apps for Android.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Price: Free

Allrecipe Dinner Spinner is probably the most rock solid cooking app available. It’s perfect for date night meals, breakfasts in bed, or whatever you might feel like cooking for your significant other today. It has a great selection of recipes at its core. You can add recipes to favorites, spin the spinner for random ideas, and it even features step-by-step cooking videos. There are tons of cooking videos. However, we always seem to keep coming back to this one. It’s not that it’s overly special. The app just does it right. It’s also free with no in-app purchases. There are ads, though.

Amazon Shopping

Price: Free / $119.99 per year

Amazon is a great app for couples. They sell basically everything. The company’s Prime service adds all kinds of extra goodies as well. You can find products for whatever hobby or lifestyle you happened to be into. We’re not here to judge. Additionally, Amazon has a food delivery service available in some areas as well as household products for couples that live together. Prime adds things like video and music streaming to round out the experience and fast shipping for those last minute holiday and anniversary gifts. This sounds like an ad, but I assure you that it isn’t. It really is a good spot for finding supplies for new hobbies or other activities and the selection is usually broader than most. We still recommend going to brick-and-mortar stores, though, because that’s a fun activity to do as a couple too.


Price: Free with ads

Eventbrite helps people discover local events. This is a great app for couples who want to have a night out on the town and don’t know what to do. It’ll show festivals, concerts, large get togethers of various types, classes, and more. It’ll also show free events for those couples on a budget. There are other apps that can do this as well. Facebook has a fairly robust events platform, for instnace. However you do it, having an app that gives you quick info about events in your area can make planning a date night easier.

Eventbrite - best mother's day apps for android 2019

Google Keep Notes

Price: Free

Note taking apps make for excellent couples apps. Google Keep Notes is probably the best one available. The app syncs between various devices. It’s also completely free. You can also add your significant other to notes for you two to share. It’s useful for things like grocery lists, date night ideas, pros and cons lists, gift ideas, and other such ideas. You can also use it for honey-do lists and other chores that you swore that you would do. We personally use this app with contact numbers for our landlord along with his address for sending rent. Pretty much any note taking app will work. However, Keep Notes strikes a good balance between usefulness and minimalism. It also syncs to your computer via the web and to any other Android device you want for free.

Google Keep - best reminder apps

Google Maps

Price: Free

Google Maps is a lifesaver in relationships. Of course it’s good for stuff like finding places to eat or entertainment. However, to be perfectly honest, we’ve always used it more for the day-to-day stuff because Google Maps is basically this era’s version of the Yellow Pages. You can find basement repair, pest control, vets, dentists, specialty shops, your nearest cell phone carrier store, and whatever else you need along with all nearby competitors. It’s a bit of an obvious pick, but let’s face facts, it’s easier to find something on Google Maps than in any other place these days.

Google Maps screenshot for the best parking apps


Price: Free with ads

 There are several Kamasutra apps on the Google Play Store. We just like this one the most right now. The app features over 100 illustrations for various positions for the bedroom. Each image also comes with a detailed explainer so you can get it right. You obviously know why apps like this are a good thing. Cosmo has been putting five or six of these in every other issue of its magazine for decades for a reason. Couples like trying new things. This app helps and it’s also entirely free with ads. There isn’t much else to say. We hope you stretch regularly.

Kamasutra - best valentine's day apps 2019


Price: Free

Pinterest is one of the better free couples apps. It has a variety of ideas for things like DIY projects, fashion, hobbies, ideas, home decoration, and all kinds of other stuff. It’s fun to flip through even if you have no intention of doing any of it. The app lets you save ideas for later, search for stuff by keyword, and save ideas together with friends (or your partner). It’s also a good place to find ideas for new hobbies you can do together. The app is completely free as well. Some other decent apps for stuff like this include Reddit, video content on Facebook, and sometimes Tumblr if you find the right blog.

Pinterest screenshot for the best craft apps for android


Price: Free / $27.99 per year

TickTick is one of the best to-do list apps available. It lets you create tasks that you can share with other people. That means you and your partner can keep track of the same stuff like grocery lists, trash day, etc. Hey, not all couples apps are about fun! Sometimes, it’s good to be responsible too and this app helps with that. It features a simple UI and most of the desirable features (like sharing and reminders) are on the free version. It also supports recurring tasks and that’s super useful for stuff like trash day or anniversaries.

TickTick is one of the best android widgets

Uber Eats

Price: Free / Varies

Uber Eats is a delivery service for food. You simply open the app, order lunch or dinner, and someone else brings it to you. Food delivery is kind of a thing now and couples enjoying a night in may still want some of that night-out flair. The delivery charges are competitive with others such as Eat24, Grub Hub, and others. Plus, it should support most local restaurants in your area. We also recommend Postmates. It’s like Uber Eats except Postmates delivers whatever you want. You can even get random stuff like condoms on nights when you want to get down but you’re too drunk to drive to get protection. Don’t ask us how we know that.

Uber Eats is one of the best food delivery apps

Whatever streaming services you two like

Price: Free / Varies

We understand that this isn’t the most unique or original pick on the list. You and your partner probably already watch tons of shows on various streaming services and that’s where you probably find most of the new stuff that you want to watch. At the very least, we encourage this behavior. TV isn’t the best way to spend time together. However, binging a show you both like is easy, relaxing entertainment and in a world full of stress, why not take a night off? There are plenty of options, but for couples these days, the Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ bundle has a little something for everybody in the relationship. You can check out that deal below (all three services have Android apps as well).

Hulu screenshot 2019 for the best live tv apps list

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