The high demand for web developers is being driven by the rising popularity of e-commerce platforms and mobile-based applications, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You’re wondering what web development interview questions the interviewer is going to fire off at you, so it is extremely important to have a grasp of the interview questions for web developers you are being asked. 

Here we are going to list 15 of most commonly-asked web development interview questions you are likely to encounter:

  1. What coding languages are you familiar with? Which ones are you still learning?
  2. What skills should a good Web Developer have?
  3. What got you into coding? Or Why are you interested in a career as a software developer?
  4. Explain what are the key responsibilities of a Web Developer
  5. Mention what is the correct way to include JavaScript into your HTML?
  6. Tell me about a time when you got stuck while coding. How did you work your way through the problem?
  7. How would you explain APIs to non-technical stakeholders?
  8. Name a website you like. What is appealing about it?
  9. Tell me about the software engineering project you’re most proud of. What did you do that worked out particularly well?
  10. Explain these X (topic) to me, but pretend I’m a tech novice.
  11. What is your favourite typeface?
  12. What would you change about our current website?
  13. Define CORS and how does it work?
  14. Explain the importance of Javascript in web development
  15. What is the difference between cookies and local storage?

Study these diligently and understand how you should approach the questions and answer them in an effective manner. That will boost your confidence and diminish the anxiety before the phone or onsite interview.

Good luck!

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