16 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps You Should Consider

Technology is constantly evolving and one of its major advancements is artificial intelligence. With the invention of AI, a task that will take a lot of time and resources to execute can be done in a short range of time by machines and computer programs. This makes AI a better alternative compared to the old fashioned and slower way of doing things.

Artificial intelligence is efficient and fast. This is why it is widely adopted and embraced by many. If you look around today, you will see AI-driven products or programs around you. AI controls streetlights, the ATM you put your card into, and even the biometric scanner you use to unlock your smartphone.

Experts in various fields also use AI for different purposes. The finance, health, business and security sectors all rely on artificial intelligence. Especially to relieve the workload on their human workers.

This article will focus on the 15 best artificial intelligence apps that every smartphone user should have. Each of these AI apps is efficient and will make your life easier.

Each AI app featured in this article is quite accurate when it comes to executing tasks. They will also study your interests and preferences. This is done with their algorithm, so that they can give you solutions that are personalized.

15 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps You Should Consider

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the many aspects of computer science. The focus of this field is to create and improve machine or computer intelligence to match up and outrank human intelligence.

Here, machines and computer programs are developed to take human tasks and do it better and faster than humans will ever do. Artificial Intelligence also executes tasks better than humans. Also, it is not biased and does not display any form of emotional attachment that can alter its performance.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, its main aim is to solve human challenges. This is one of the reasons why it is used in different fields to better solve problems posed against them.

15 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps You Should Consider

What Are The Challenges Of Artificial Intelligence?

It limits its users

One of the major challenges of artificial intelligence is that it limits your ability as a user. AI only works on the blueprints programmed by the app developer. So, it cannot function beyond the radius of the algorithm pre-installed on it.

For instance, Microsoft Word is programmed to process words into different formats. It can only process words and cannot be used to edit images or video clips.

This is to say that unlike human minds, artificial intelligence is limited in scope.


Artificial intelligence is one of the major reasons why a lot of workers with an average skill set are out of a job. The more developers optimize artificial intelligence to perform better, the more workers will lose their jobs.

AI provides a better alternative to human labor and gives businesses more reasons to do away with human labor. In several instances, it is more efficient and productive than human labor.

It is expensive

To develop a mobile app and integrate AI into it, you will need to have a good budget.

This makes it restricted to only people who can pay developers huge amounts of money to fund the project.

Apart from the cost of developing, it requires regular maintenance and updates. This also makes AI and mobile app development not a great idea for new small-scale businesses who are struggling to survive. Investing in AI will eat up a large chunk of their profit.

AI comes in two forms; as heavy machine and as software programs. Heavy machines are expensive and are ideal for big organizations. The software version is affordable. Many people already use it on their smartphones.

15 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps You Should Consider

Merits Of AI Integration In Mobile Apps

It helps to create a better mobile app

The integration of artificial intelligence into mobile applications creates accurate and efficient apps. Without the integration of AI, many apps will offer little or no value to you the user. Without AI it will also be hard to operate tons of apps developed by app developers, as it will be too complex for you to understand.

It increases an app’s performance

Imagine using an app that will take days to process your request? How would you feel? Sad, disappointed or angry?

One of the major reasons why artificial intelligence is integrated into mobile apps is to boost its performance. This allows apps to process huge tasks within a short period. This, in turn, will save you, the user time and effort.

Artificial intelligence also allows mobile apps to execute tasks with little or no mistakes. This is a better option than using human resources that could make silly mistakes with far-reaching impacts.

It enhances the experience of its users

Artificial intelligence will study your behavior and create a behavioral pattern with it. This pattern will be used to curate content that are assumed to be relevant to you.

This is how apps are able to create and sustain user-engagement. The more engaged you are, the more interested and attached to the app you will become.

It improves our day-to-day lives

Artificial intelligence integrated into mobile apps helps to improve different aspects of human lives. It also provides a shorter and more effective solution to day-to-day problems.

AI controls traffic and creates order on the street. It also suggests likely words when typing on your phone keypads. AI can also be used to unlock your mobile phone using a biometric scanner.

Personalized Experience

Artificial intelligence studies and understands your behaviors. It then weaves its observation into patterns. With this pattern, it provides results that are tailored to solve your problems.

AI will provide you with content that is of relevance to you. It does this by using the data it has collected and analyzed as a yardstick.

15 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps You Should Consider

16 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps

1. English Language Speech Assistant (ELSA)

ELSA is an AI app that helps individuals who want to improve their command of the English language. With the app, you can learn the basics of the major aspects of the English Language. Especially the pronunciation and speech aspects. This app promises to improve your oration level within 4 weeks.

ELSA has different modules that break down the processes of learning speech in the English Language. It does this into small chunks that can be processed and understood. The app also has a tracking system that records and checks your progress. It will then send your performance feedback reports to you.

ELSA is available for iOS and Android users.

2. Cortana

Cortana is one of the best personal assistant apps available to mobile users. The app allows you to track and locate your files either on your mobile device or on other devices that you are connected to. With Cortana, you can synchronize your PC and your mobile device. This will allow you to access your files both on your laptop and your mobile device.

Cortana is manufactured by Microsoft. At first, it was only developed for windows phones. Microsoft later developed its android version of the app.

3. Socratic

For a long time, mathematics has been a major challenge for a lot of people. But, Socroatic allows you to solve your mathematical problems with ease.

Socratic is an AI app that will help you solve complex arithmetic homework. To use the app, you will need to take a picture of your homework on the app. The app will process your picture. Then, it will suggest possible concepts that you will need to solve these mathematical questions.

Socratic is available on both iOS and Android users.

4. Robin

Robin is a voice assistant AI app that allows you to execute any task of choice using voice prompts. With this app, you can operate your phone without hitting the keypads.

With a voice prompt, you can:

  • Compose text messages
  • Launch an application
  • Get traffic updates of a particular place
  • Check the weather forecast

Robin is ideal for anyone that wants to operate their phone but is feeling lazy or too exhausted to press it. It is also ideal for a person that is behind the wheel and does not want to be distracted by their phone.

You can download Robin on iOS and Android devices.

5. Leia

Leia is an artificial intelligence app built for individuals who want to build websites but cannot code a website.

With Leia, you can whip up an optimized website without having to learn how to code. Leia has a drag and drop feature that simplifies the process of building a website. The app also has different ready-made templates that you can export and tweak to suit your style.

It can be used to build blogs, landing pages and websites of any kind, whether e-commerce or a one-page website. Leia can also be used as a voice-to-text application. This is good for texting without using keypads.

6. Replika

If you would like to improve your conversation skills then Replika is the best bet for you. With Replika, you can text the app’s AI and you will get an instant reply. The reply you will get from the app’s artificial intelligence will be personalized. This is like the type you will get from a real person.

Although at first, the app’s reply might be a bit generic, but with time it becomes personalized. This is because the app can learn and mirror your preferences and tailor it to a reply. This will relieve you of the anxiety you feel when you are chatting with a stranger.

Replika is manufactured by Luka Inc. and is available for both Android and iOS users.

7. Hound

Hound has a similar model to Google Voice Search. To activate the app, you will have to say the voice prompt “OK Hound”.

You can use Hound to search for the latest news on the internet, find the nearest grocery or make a keyword search on Google.

The app has different features that allow it to pick and process your voice. It can also translate your text to speech and your speech to text.

8. Edion

Edion is another artificial intelligence app that you should have on your phone. This app acts as a personal assistant and can perform different functions.

You can use it to inquire about any information, whether random or specific. Edion can be used to manage your phone and get rid of duplicate contacts or pictures. Edion can be used to book a hotel reservation, an event, and movie tickets.

9. Google Allo

Google Allo is another artificial intelligence app. This one also allows you to operate your phone with your voice. You can use Google Allo to convert your voice to text.

Google Allo allows you to surf the Internet anonymously using the incognito mode. This will allow you to surf the internet without footprints.

The app is ideal for anyone who is exhausted after the day’s work and wants to operate their phone without having to press it. The app has a native learning ability that allows it to learn more about your behavior and use it to create tailored responses,

10. Siftr

One of the things that smartphone users use their phone for is to take pictures. In a bid to take great pictures, a lot of people take several pictures daily. These pictures take a lot of space.

Siftr will scan your phone and propose to delete junk pictures it believes you don’t need.

Siftr is available only for Android phones.

11. Recent News

Recent news is an artificial intelligence app that keeps you updated with recent news and articles.

Unlike other new apps, Recent News will study your reading habits, behavior and interest. The app will then use these factors to curate relevant news and articles.

Recent News can be installed and used only on Android phones.

12. Jarvis Artificial Intelligent

Jarvis is another artificial intelligence assistance. You should consider having this on your smartphone. The app has lots of cool features and can perform several tasks.

It can recognize your voice and detect hot words programmed to the app. But, how efficient Jarvis is will be determined by how well you train it using your command prompt. This is because the app replies personalized messages using your behavioral patterns it has studied in your previous actions.

You can make calls, check the time and have your message read to you using Jarvis. The app is manufactured by GS Tech and only for Android devices.

13. Virtual Assistant DataBot

Virtual Assistant DataBot is another awesome personal assistant that you should consider installing. The app is free and quite handy. You can use it to text and call using voice prompts.

You can also ask the app any question and you will be sure that it will provide you with accurate answers. This is because it visits Google, Wikipedia, RSS and other reputable sources for answers. The app will provide you with a shortened version of the long-form that you will get on the web. The shortened version will include summaries and relevant links. You can also share your answer on the app via SMS and across various social networks.

Virtual Assistant DataBot also allows you to sync the same assistant on your mobile phone and laptop. You can tweak the app to suit your own needs.

14. Lyra

Lyra is one fun app you can count on to assist you to do many things. You can use it to save notes, manage your music and video libraries. Lyra can also be used to make notes, set an alarm clock and many other tasks.

The app is developed for both Android and iOS users.

15. Youper

Youper is one of the best AI therapy apps that you should have on your phone. It can detect any health problems that you may be suffering from. It will also conduct a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to improve your health. It nudges users to take part in meditation and to make use of other forms of therapy that is beneficial to their health.

It is developed by Youper Inc. and it available for both iOS and Android device users.

16. Wysa

Wysa allows you to engage with the app’s chatbot. This chatbot will keep your company. At the same time, it improves your conversational skills.

The app also has 40 different tools that will help you to improve your conversational skills. You can either buy Wysa or use its free version.

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