20 Best Apps For College Students

20 Best Apps For College Students

Are you a college student? It may appear that studying needs some amendment to suit your needs. The truth is that learning on its own has never been fun. It’s the students’ and educators’ creativity that is infusing dynamism into learning.

App developers are rising to the challenge. There are digital solutions to help college students improve their learning skills. Students love to explore apps and spend a lot of time doing so. No doubt, they have a greater affinity for mobile devices. Wouldn’t it be great if you could weave your studies and school life into an app? The interesting thing is that most of these apps are free.

They help you manage all your school affairs. For instance, some students are enjoying apps that help them meet deadlines. Others are great at helping to organize routines and schedules. Some of them are study and memory aids. Some apps can give you easier online access to your courses, faculty, and campus. You even have some that keep you closer to your instructors.

This article takes a look at the best of those apps for college students. Please note that this consideration is not in any rating order.

BenchPrep Companion (For Exam Preparation)

BenchPrep Companion is among the best apps that help college students prepare for popular exams. It makes the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) a one-time attempt. It’s GRE and MCAT are made easy. Even the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) students are thankful they have access to such app.

BenchPrep Companion is an interactive course library with great features. It contains study plans, flashcards, and about 600 study lessons. All these are beside hundreds of practice questions.

This app is free and available on Android and iOS platforms.

iStudiez Pro—Legendary Planner (For organizing activities)

iStudiez Pro—Legendary Planner is an app for college students that you can use for planning. If you’re unsure about deadlines for assignments and papers, this app can be of great help. It can be tough to commit important events to memory when you also need to have some fun. But you can balance things if you have iStudiez app on your phone. You can even plan your holiday with this app. It gives you an opportunity to manage your grades. Your course outline and instructor’s details are at your fingertips. You only need to plug in all your schedules and see the app sync with your cloud storage and calendar. It’s free on all Mac devices.

The free version of this app has limited functionalities. But the premium version is available for $2.99 on the iOS platform.

Evernote (Helps To Take And Keep Notes)

Evernote is a popular app that has been the talk of major college campuses. It performs basic functions for college students. It helps with homework, school courses, and grade monitoring. It will help you sync every study aid on your devices to your online account. This enables you to stay connected with all the resources you need to study. You will not have a hard time locating your notes, projects, and PDF files. Your audio, photo, and video files are also more available than ever.

It’s one of the best apps that make it easier for students to take notes. It takes out the stress of carrying a pack of pens and notebooks around. You also don’t need to worry about where you keep certain documents. You can sort everything and put them in a notebook format. It can also help you search through handwritten notes so that you can track your past notes with ease.

With this app on your device, you can share your files with others. This gives you the ability to enjoy productive group discussions.

This app is available on Android and iOS and there’s a free version. Its premium version costs $5 per month or $45 per year if you want to upgrade.

TED (Helps To Connect)

As a student, you need to listen to great inspirational leaders. This will help you to combat negative influences you’re exposed to on campus. You have direct and immediate access to these types of talks via the TED app. You’re also able to expand your knowledge base. This will shape your view of the world.

You will be able to access at least 3,000 videos on demand. The video reservoir continues to expand on a daily basis. The app is featuring more business leaders, national leaders, and educators. The TED app also has music icons and computer gurus.

The app is available for free on both the iOS and Android platforms.


Any.Do (Mobile Organizer)

Any.Do is an app for almost everyone. That’s why millions of people are now using it. Students are counting to use it among these millions. It’s one of the best apps for college students who need a to-do list. Students can also use it to sync their various tasks with their other devices. Once they do that, they can access their tasks anywhere they go.

You will be able to update your to-do list by interacting with the app’s touch screen interface. You can add new tasks, mark some off, or change task’s priorities. You can take out all the completed tasks by shaking your device. It also takes commands through voice recognition. You can do this across all your devices.

This app is available for iOS and Android, and it is free.

Feed.ly (Keeps You Updated)

The constant need for college students to be aware of current events in the outside world is real. But, deadlines, assignments, and essays often take priority. Some students support themselves with part-time jobs and still have exams and homework. Feed.ly is among the best apps for college students that help them deal with this challenge.

As a good RRS aggregator, it brings relevant news to your feed. It saves you from unnecessary distractions as you only focus on the news that interests you. Feed.ly allows you to receive notification about your favorites. You can immediately share the video, podcasts, or publication on social media as well.

It’s free and available for both Android and iOS.

Mathway (Helps With Mathematics)

Mathematics has never been a friendly subject for many. It’s a must for all students. Algebra, geometry, and other math may come in the form of a tough homework assignment. You may get stuck along the way as you’re trying to solve a complex equation. Mathway is one of the top student apps that will show you the workings. With Mathway, you no longer need to dread linear algebra or even calculus.

All you have to do is to enter the question into the app. It will give you an instant answer. You can also set it up to show the step-by-step directions to arrive at the correct answer. Even if you use your device camera to snap the question and enter it, it will solve it for you.

Mathway is free to download from the Google Play Store and iTunes. It runs on both iOS and Android.

MyScript Calculator (For Handwritten Calculator)

MyScript Calculator is another app like Mathway. This versatile app gives you the opportunity to have the feel of pen and paper in this digital age. MyScript Calculator enables you to use your hand to solve equations on your tablet or phone. Trust this app for solutions to the simplest and most complex equations.

The MyScript app has an advantage over other top apps that help with math. It enables you to remember formulas with ease. Since you solve the equation using your hand, you won’t have too many issues with memorizing it. Another great thing about this app is that it will recognize your handwriting.

The app has a one-time cost of only $1.99. It’s also available for all operating systems.

My Study Life (Offline Help For Class Assignments And Exams)

My Study Life is another app that can help you organize your assignments, classes, and exams. Like other best college apps, it can help you synchronize your data in the cloud. All your files become available to all your devices. A unique feature of this app is that it works offline. This means you don’t have to worry about WiFi access to use it.

It’s one of the best apps that is free. It’s available for iOS and Android.

My Countdown Lite (Organizer)

This is another organizer for students. Students’ lives can be very busy, especially those that have other commitments. You have to keep track of your tests and exam schedules. You need to organize your study sessions according to the schedule. This app can help you a great deal along this line.

Its interface is easy to use. It has several countdowns that you can program your schedule into. For instance, there’s an Exam Countdown Lite. You can open it and see how many months, weeks, or days away your math exam is. The countdown can even show the exact hours, minutes, or seconds remaining.

It’s free and it’s available for Android and iOS.

Dictionary.com Mobile (Helps With Diction)

College students need a good grasp of linguistics no matter their fields of study. No language is static. They’re dynamic. You need to keep in touch with registers and tough terminologies. Wouldn’t you love an app that can give you millions of definitions within a few clicks? That’s what the Dictionary.com Mobile does for college students. The meaning of all those intimidating law, medical, and engineering terms are there. The app continues to update as well.

This fast and top student app contains synonyms and antonyms. It’s available free for Android and iOS. There’s also an option to upgrade for a fee.

Duolingo (Hones Language Skills)

Students studying in foreign languages have peculiar challenges. Apart from your core courses, you must learn to speak, read, and write in the official language. This can be tough. But Duolingo has made things easy. Learning through fun, you have a lot of games to play as the language sinks in.

The app uses gaming techniques that make learning languages fun and addicting. It has never been easier with this easy-to-use app. There are over 30 languages in the app and you can take a multiple-choice challenge. It also contains a variety of lessons in speaking, listening, and translation.

Duolingo is free to download on iTunes and Google Play Store. It’s available for Android and iOS.

Wolfram Alpha (Helps With Complex Subjects)

Wolfram Alpha is one of the top apps for college students who deal with complex subjects. Science, engineering, and math students in college need this app. It scans through thousands of domains on the web to find answers to technical questions. By using a vast array of algorithms, it can create reports for science subjects. You’ve got the easy way out for physics, chemistry, and data analysis problems. It generates answers to queries on complex subjects such as thermodynamics and astronomy. It also has simple subjects that you may sometimes forget.

This app is not a search engine. College students and their instructors refer to it as the computational knowledge engine. This is because it can do much more than bring results. Besides answering questions, it can also do computations. It is able to conduct analysis and give reports. Imagine what you can do with such an app. It will help on any subject and do any student assignment. It’s among the must-have college apps for students.

Wolfram Alpha is available for iOS and Android. The price is $2.99.

Chegg Books

Sometimes you may not be able to buy some of the textbooks that you need for the semester. This may be out of financial constraints or because you don’t want to pay a premium price for a book. In any of these cases, the app you need is Chegg Books.

This one of the best college students apps that helps you save money by allowing you to rent a book. It helps you locate rentals of your textbooks and other materials. It’s even possible to buy some of your study materials or the textbook for a fraction of the price.

This app helps you make money in other ways too. It enables you to rent your own textbook out to others. Upload the textbook you want to rent out. If another user of this app searches, they will find you and contact you. It is a simple and straightforward process.

The app is available for free download but requires in-app purchase. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

Venmo (Help Manage Finances)

Venmo is an app designed to help college students with their spending. It’s a digital wallet that does financial services for students without a hassle. For instance, you can send and receive money with this app without dealing with cash. You can also make purchases via Venmo. If you need to split bills, you’ll find this app is helpful. You can manage payment for a social event with this app as well.

Venmo is free to download. The application is available for Android and iOS.

Scanner Pro (Helps Scan Documents)

As a student, you may have an item of interest to scan and save for use at another time. Scanner Pro is an app developed to take care of that. You don’t have to waste your time searching for an office scanner. Scanner Pro has turned students’ iPads and iPhones into mobile scanners. With Scanner Pro installed on your phone, you can scan a particular page in a textbook. This great college app produces a high-quality scanned copy of any document. It also sends them straight to your cloud storage server. This app even enables you to scan straight into the Evernote app.

It costs a one-time fee of $3.99 and is available for iOS and Android devices.

SelfControl (Helps Fight Distractions)

This is an app that can help a college student cultivate self-control. There are certain websites that cause distractions for students. These websites disrupt their study hours. SelfControl helps by blocking access to such websites. With this app on your device, you can focus on your homework and assignments.

You only need to add the websites you don’t want to visit to a blacklist for a designated period. You can do the same for the mail server you don’t want for now. For that period, your device will not be able to access them. You’re free from distraction and addiction.

This app is free and open-source for Mac OS X. Visit the website to download the application.

Studious (Helps You Focus During Lectures)

You’ve most likely lost count of the number of times you forgot to switch off or silence your phone during lectures. Studious is an app that helps with that. It sets your phone to silent for the stipulated period only. Use your lecture schedule to set the hours you always want the app to silence your phone and leave the rest to the app. You don’t have to worry about your phone while going to class anymore. It will be silent during lecture hours.

Studious app is available for free for Android. You can buy Studious+ for $1.99 if you don’t want to see ads.

Foursquare (Helps With Entertainment)

Foursquare helps college students locate the best entertainment spots. It will show you a vast array of available bars, restaurants, and other relaxation centers. Foursquare is free and available for Android and iOS.


You need to create time for other things outside studying. Sworkit is a health and fitness app. It’s made for students who have challenges in organizing workouts. You’re not only in school to study and socialize. Sworkit helps students build their personalized workouts into their schedule. It gives you access to videos of specific types of exercises. It allows you the opportunity to choose from a list of pre-built workouts.

This app contains an extensive list of activities that can keep you fit. You can choose specific types of activities. Training for strength, yoga, or pilates are all available. The app will help you keep tabs on your progress and the effect on all parts of your body. You can determine the allotted time for your exercise. You can start with five minutes and keep up the schedule.

It’s available on iOS and Android for free. There’s also an advanced feature that costs $0.99. This is available for both device platforms.


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