Monthly Archives: September 30, 2019

Software Implementation Plan: Simple And Effective Steps To Follow

Many organizations doing business today make use of several softwares and programs to run their business processes. Such software makes tedious and potentially back-breaking work simple and easy. At some point, there might be a need for some software to be upgraded or an entirely new one implemented. This is where software implementation comes into […]

HTML5 Vs. Flash: Important Things You Need To Know

Brief Intro: HTML5 Vs. Flash When you are looking for the right tool for a web design project, there are a lot of options to choose from. But, when you need an interactive website, you are limited to two tools: Flash and HTML5. Each tool has unique features that contribute to their popularity among web […]

11 Best Video Games Software To Consider In 2019

Video games are interesting and fun to play. But, the opposite is true when it comes to developing them. This is because video game development can be pretty challenging without the right tools. Video game development requires you to be knowledgeable in the use of programming languages. Sadly, this has limited a lot of people […]

What Is An API Integration And Why Is It Important?

APIs are important to the proper functioning of modern enterprises. So, there needs to be a way for APIs to communicate with each other. This is basically what API integration is. A way for the APIs of two or more applications to integrate or communicate with one another and band together to perform one unified […]

Cloud Vs. AWS: Who Wins The Cloud War?

The Google Cloud Platform vs. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been on for years. Cloud computing service users always want to know the better of the two platforms. There are mixed opinions from users on which service they consider better. This article takes an unbiased approach to the debate. It compares the two services vis-a-viz […]

11 Must-Have Artificial Intelligence Programs (AI Software Reviews)

Technology makes life easier and better. You can execute cumbersome tasks that would usually take days or weeks within a few hours. One way technology solves human problems is through the development of AI software. AI software programs have allowed businesses and individuals to be more productive and efficient. In this article, you will learn […]

What Is Xamarin? How Does It Help Developers Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Recent innovations in the Mobile Development world have opened up limitless possibilities for the use of phones. Google’s Android enjoys the lion’s share of the mobile market. This is followed by Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows comes third. A lot of newbie mobile developers find it difficult to perform outside the native platforms their app […]

Unity Programming: Why You Should Develop Your Next Game With Unity

According to the popular school of thought, to develop a decent game, you must, at the very least, know the rudiments of coding. Without knowing how to code, it might be almost impossible to create your dream game yourself. But, with the advent of different game software, newbies can develop any game of their choice. […]