5 clues to become a UX expert

We all forget to be a senior designer. We need experience, time and patience. But there are some qualities you need to have to become a successful UX expert.

Here are some easy steps that  you must follow:

  1. Learn and practice about design fundamentals

Understand how to use design conventions. Learn about typography, contrast, color, structure.

Study design patterns, learn the pattern for navigation, onboarding, menu structures, etc.

2. Get a mentor

A mentor can speed up your learning.

Set aside an hour each day to read content and absorb new information and insights

Practice by copying the work of your idols and get inspired by it.

3. Trial and error

Practice is the clue. Try a number of different methods and learn from the mistakes that you make.

Review your work constantly with colleagues and mentors and focus on quality, don’t rush.

4. Collect inspiration

Stay update with examples and great content to help influence your designs

Interact with the design community to discover more information about new topics

5. Determination

Only you can become a UX expert if you want to. Put in the hours, learn as much as you can in the time that you have and apply what you learn your upcoming projects

What are you waiting to put it into practice?

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