5 Signs You Need To Redesign Your Website

If you suffer from any of the website woes mentioned below, you should undoubtedly address this issue. 

If that’s not possible or you see several – but not all – of the issues mentioned below, it may be time to consider a website redesign.

1. Your site isn’t responsive or mobile-ready

A responsive site basically adjusts the design and ease of use of your site to the device the end user is using to access your website. A simple test you can conduct yourself is by visiting your website on your own mobile device via Google or Safari.

2. It’s not optimized for SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your website to appear organically in search results. While you aren’t paying for advertising directly, the tactics that support SEO, such as content creation and keyword selection, do come at a price. 

3. It doesn’t clearly communicate your core competencies

It’s important to have a concise, clear message and communicate only your core competencies on your home page, on sections like the above the fold, for example.

4. It doesn’t provide you with insight or analytics from visitors activity

A beautifully designed website with SEO does little good if the analytics tracking tools aren’t working properly on your site. 

5. It takes too long to load

it’s critical that you pay attention to load times as well. Google will prefer to show quick-loading websites in its results, and for a good reason. User experience tests show that visitors’s totals drop off consistently for every second your website doesn’t load.

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