Some of the world’s greatest thinkers gather at the TED conference to present their ideas in innovative and engaging ways. Here’s the list of the 5 must watch TEDx talks on UX:

  1. DON NORMAN “The three ways that good design makes you happy”

Don Norman, an anthropologist of modern life and critic, studies the way we humans interact with our designed world; he wants nothing less than to close the gap between products and their users.

In this talk from 2003 Norman explains how designs can make people happy in three ways.

These three principles can be found in Don’s book ‘Emotional Design: Why we love (or hate) everyday things‘, which contain other interesting insights to create designs that please people.

  1. JOHN MAEDA “Designing for simplicity”

John Maeda, from the MIT Media Lab and President of the Rhode Island School of Design 

is dedicated to linking design and technology. 

Maeda lives at the intersection of technology and art, a place that can get very complicated. Here he talks about paring down to basics.

  1. ROCHELLE KING “The complex relationship between data and design in UX”

Rochelle is Global VP of User Experience and Design at Spotify was challenged to combine Spotify’s many mismatched interfaces into a single harmonious layout. She took us through the process of redesigning a major website, revealing best practices in the relationship between navigation designers, data, and the people who built it.

  1. TONY FADELL “The first secret of great design”

The man behind the iPod and the Nest thermostat shares some of his tips for noticing and driving change.  He emphasizes on the fact that any process of actually designing something starts when we ask a question on how things could be made better than it already is, or if anything could be made better at all. 

  1. PHILL MOTUZAS “Creating next generation user experiences”

Phill spent most of his life developing user interfaces and has been fortunate enough to work with a lot of very talented people on a number of challenging and forward thinking projects. In this Ted Talk Motuzas discusses user interaction design and the next generation of user experiences.

Have you already seen them? What others would you recommend? Hope you enjoy them!

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