It may happen that the results of your work are not what you expected, and this is because you probably used the wrong research method. User Experience research can be done in plenty of ways using a great variety of methods.

User Experience research provides an amazing variety of data and insights. Choosing the right method carefully and analyzing the results wisely, will guarantee positive results. This article will provide you with methods so that you will not get lost in the UX Research and achieve your goals.

  1. Interviews:
    This method helps to get to know users personally, understand how they react. Provides details about the user’s experiences, desires, and attitudes.
  1. Card Sorting:
    Write words or phrases on cards and then ask the user to categorize them. It will help to classify website information into a logical structure that usually leads to navigation and information architecture of the website
  2. Usability Testing:
    Is the observation of users trying to carry out tasks with a product with a clickable prototype. It aims to identify user problems and frustrations: What do they not understand? Where are they stuck? Etc.
  3. Surveys:
    This method helps you know about the people who visit the site. Set up a series of questions to ask, and you will be able to get answers from the audience’s profile
  4. Field Study:
    Examines users in their own environment, and discover problems and their own solutions in actual use. That behaviour can be measured in the context where a product will actually be used. Spend time with them, observe and ask questions.

UX research is the foundation of every unique user experience, that’s why it is essential to understand the goals and needs of your users. It’s quite rare that a UX researcher can utilize one single method, so maybe it is better to combine more than one.

Now is the time to put them into practice!

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