7 top trends in mobile app development for 2015

Mobile technology is growing at the speed of light in front of our eyes and when a new year arrives, mobile developers face a great amount of challenges, both in terms of adopting and understanding most of what we can of new technologies. We at InfinixSoft love to keep up with new trends, so we are constantly searching for info to be ready for what’s to come and we like to share some of them with you. Let’s take a look to the 7 top trends we’re anxious to see in this year 2015 for the mobile market.


In 2015 we will see our smartphones becoming the “command center” of a great number of wearables gadgets and sensors embedded in our clothes, such as health care sensors, smart jewelry, smart watches, display devices like Google Glass and much, much more. And with the Apple Watch ready to be launched in any minute, the territory war will begin with the Android wearable market, so is wise for developers to start working and don’t miss the train.

Some particular areas such as fitness, sports, hobbies, health care and fashion will be the most benefited from wearable gadgets, and there’s a lot of room to experiment and deliver information and services through apps specially designed for them.shutterstock_188507768


During past few years, HTML5 has been evolved and multiplied its popularity worldwide because most developers found that is a robust platform, loaded with great features and powerful functionalities capable of generate stunning and beautiful applications.

Even some experts complain that HTML5 won’t be a simple panacea for mobile application portability because it’s fragmented and some functions are not completely polished yet, and some say that it can bring some implementation and security risks. However we believe that 2015 will be the definitive year for developers to adopt this language to create hybrid mobile apps that work on multiple platforms with ease, decreasing the focus on native apps.HTML5 3D Wallpaper by Rafael Otake

Micro moments

What are we talking about when we say “micro moments” regarding mobile development? These are brief interactions where apps can capture the attention of a user and anticipate their needs, delivering short and customized mobile experiences in seconds.

With the advent of wearable devices, micro moment apps will be critically important for the evolution and mass adoptation of these devices. Unlike our mobiles phones and tablets, wearables will be able to present a digital reality that meshes almost seamlessly with our physical reality, instead of being an alternative one, these experiences are expected to incorporate contextual relevance and personalization.

For example, with the use of voice recognition a smartwatch can reveice a peripheral notification and with the use of voice recognition it can be quickly viewed, dismissed or responded to, ideally without fumbling to type or click. Therefore micro moments and apps that support them will be increasingly relevant for many users and developers looking for new oportunities in the app market.

Mobile payments

Using your phone to pay for almost anything will become much safer and easier in 2015 thanks to the recent launch of Apple Pay, the platform that the company of Cupertino announced on september of 2014. Only a few weeks after its release, the system support cards that represent 90 % of the credit card purchase volume in the U.S. and can be used at more of 220,000 outlets, from small neighborhood stores to to retail chains.

As it needs the thumb impression to confirm transactions and purchase process is very safe to use because it makes use of tokenization procedure instead of sending your authentic card information. With great players as Starbucks validating mobile payment, the mass success of this method is certainly very close because consumers will be more inclined to use it to purchase low-value items as a starting point. Early adopter companies of mobile payments will set the industry standards this year and will be the ones to put our eyes on.


Enterprise Apps

The market for enterprise apps will represent a great opportunity in 2015 for delevopers that want to work building and managing applications for this sector. In the next month