9 Best Sports Betting Apps You Should Check Out

9 Best Sports Betting Apps You Should Check Out

Have you ever wondered why users, or you, may prefer to use one betting app instead of another? Users’ preference may differ. But there are some betting apps with features that cause them to stand out from the pack. A useful sports betting app should have a few core elements. But some apps have gone a step further. This extra value makes them the favorite of sports betting fans.

The best apps have some features that make sport betting experiences seamless. These features range from user interface to in-app bonuses that the app offers.  As a betting fan, these are the apps to use if you want to enjoy a fun and well-rounded betting experience.

What are some of the important features you should be looking for in a good sports betting app? A few of them are discussed below:

5 Features of a Good Sports Betting App

Live Streaming Services

It’s an added value for betting apps to offer in-app live streaming services to their subscribers. Only a few apps provide this service. Apps that have this feature are a one-stop shop to sports betting fans. Users can watch the action live as it unfolds and bet on the outcome. Some people love to wait until the last minute before wagering on games. Having a Live streaming feature makes the app far more exciting for this category of fans.

Compatibility of Platforms

A viable sports betting app should support several platforms. This includes Android, IOS, and Windows devices. A good sports betting app should be able to work well on all modern devices. The uniformity of display on these different platforms is also important.

In-App Only Offering

In-app only offerings are an interesting way of getting users hooked on the betting App. These could come in the form of special in-app only bonuses and promotions. Users will always look forward to enjoying these bonuses and promotions. Aside from the fun, users play to win cash. So, users should be able to withdraw their earnings through the app.

In-Play offering

A vast majority of sport book users enjoy staking bets during live play. Good betting apps give access to a wide selection of sports. They offer a vast array of betting options and in-play betting.  This is a significant feature sports betting fans consider when choosing an app.

Smooth User Interface and Functions

The 888 sports Betting AppThe software of a sport betting app should be sophisticated but easy to use and operate. Users should enjoy a smooth and seamless betting experience without complex navigation. The most important thing that is a simple and easy to navigate user interface. This ensures a satisfactory user experience. Apps that have interesting display features make betting experience fun. Sports betting fans should be able to move from one session of the app to the other with no difficulties.

The Best Sports Betting Apps and their Features

Here is a list of some of the best sports betting apps every sports lover should consider using. Each has their unique features and functionalities.

SugarHouse Sports Betting App

This sport betting App is ranked among the best. It offers over five million bet options per year and the privilege to live bet during games. SugarHouse has a betting app for iPhone and Android users.

Here are a few examples of what to expect:

  • Seamless integration with the SugarHouse Casino, which comes with over 460 casino games. This sports betting App allows you to switch between sports bets and casino games. You only need a single account and login.
  • With live in-game betting, users can place bets during live play on any category. Choosing from whom they think will score the next touchdown to whether the next batter will get a hit or not. This feature of being able to place live bets increases most users’ excitement. This makes them enjoy the game more.
  • Users can access and enjoy the lowest bonus requirements available.
  • Free sign up rewards, bonuses, and opportunities for winning more money. The app also offers a Referral program and random free bingo spins.

PointsBet Sports Betting App

PointsBet is a leading sports betting app. The reason is not far fetched. PointsBet brings users closer to their favorite games. The app offers fantastic betting options with their unique style of sports betting. The main goal here is for users to bet on the spread or point totals.

Users can win big by betting correctly (or lose). It’s a different style of betting that sportsbet lovers enjoy. Users can make a choice from a wide range of sports to bet on with something reserved for every sports fan. This includes soccer, pro and college football, hockey, basketball, golf, and baseball betting.

Users rate this App very high. It is one of the best sports betting apps around due to its high demand fan base. Sports gamblers have expressed satisfaction and love on how easy it is to navigate and use this app.

Here are some of its unique features:

  • It is free to join the community. Users only need to download the betting app for Android or iPhone and create a free account.
  • There is a multitude of ways to place a bet. This gives users a considerable choice and opportunity to exercise personal preferences.
  • Users can bet knowing that their money and privacy are safe and secure.

DraftKings Sports Betting App

DraftKings has evolved from a simple Fantasy sports platform to a sports betting App. The most significant of it’s features is that lines are backed against a white background. It is quite easy to filter by sports categories and then find the game you want to be on. From there, you can make your choice of the money line bet, over-under, or a point spread. Users can even add several bets on their bet slip.

DraftKings comes with an online casino to play as well. Of course, the sports app is the high point, but if there is a need to switch it up you can play the casino games. The first time play is $10 in the casino, but users get a free $10 bet as well.

FanDuel Sports Betting App

FanDuel has established their presence as a fantasy football provider. FanDuel topped the competition when evolving to a mobile sports betting App. It is a top choice. All major sportsbook apps pretty much offer the same services. Services like filters to find games and filters to find lines and markets. But, FanDuel does it a little bit better.


  • Best user-interface for a sports betting app
  • Ability to share the wallet with Betfair Casino

This app was developed with powerful and advanced software and great user interface. This qualifies it as one of the best sports betting apps. Compared to other sport betting apps, this app has a wide coverage of betting subjects. Users use the app to bet on all their favorite sports. It can also be used to bet on political campaigns and non-sports related world events.

This betting app has the most competitive betting odds in the sports world. It can be used on Android and iPhone devices. Users enjoy live betting on games for high-octane possibilities and more winning opportunities. It offers endless betting options on in-play games and pre-match sports. The app even provides coverage of live news events.

These are the features users stand to enjoy:

  • Instant betting. This includes touch screen log in to make placing bets simple and straightforward.
  • 24/7 customer service available across various methods of communication. These include live chat, telephone, and email.
  • Visually-enhanced live games to allow users to watch their favorite sports on the App.
  • Instant live sports updates with real-time odds and results.
  • The ability to place bets on non-sporting events. This is a big bonus over other apps, giving it wider appeal to a broader audience.


Bovada was one of the initial sportsbooks to penetrate the mobile betting app market. They are an industry thought leader when it comes to the American market. This app comes with a beautiful user interface. It is loaded with many in-play betting options. Bovada showcases more US action. It focuses on NFL, NCAA Football, MLB baseball, NBA, NHL and NCAA basketball.

Americans who love American sports will definitely find this app exciting. The app offers a full spectrum of European betting markets as well, in their vast array of services.

Bovada app is compatible with most devices. This includes iPad, iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry. You are not limited to only sports either. You can use the App to play online casino games and poker tournaments as well. Bovada also provides users with a 50% free bonus on your first $250 deposit.

Will Hill

Will Hill is one of the most popular sport betting apps. They’re from one of the longest standing sportsbooks on the planet. William Hill has grown to become a trusted name in the sports betting industry.

The App comes with a simple layout that is easy to follow. User selections and categories are laid out vertically down the screen. Users can scroll to find what they are looking for within the App. The only complain about this App is that event dates and start times are not clear or visibly displayed.

This App excels in in-play betting. One of their significant claims is to have more in-play market options than any other sportsbook or exchange.

BetStars Sports Betting App

BetStars is an obvious latecomer to the sport betting app scene. It was launched recently. In spite of the time it’s been live, this platform has found itself alongside the best online betting apps. It is cementing its place as one of the amazing sports betting apps.

It’s a sister brand to the leading PokerStars, an online casino. This app has the advantage of being able to switch between the brands with only a single account. This is a benefit for players who enjoy different types of online sports betting and game playing. Being under the PokerStars brand umbrella also gives users peace of mind. This is because by using the BetStars app, they are dealing with a safe, secure, and trustworthy brand.

What can users look forward to?

  • This app has a European background. It focuses not only on popular American sports but also on European-led sports. These include soccer and tennis, this means it appeals to a broader spectrum of sports lovers.
  • It has the ability to place bets during live matches. Because of this, it is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It will add extra excitement to your favorite sports. Thus, putting it amongst the favorite sports betting apps.
  • It is easy to navigate with intuitive user interfaces. This App is a breeze to use. This makes it accessible for new and veteran sport betting players alike.

GameOn Sports Betting App

This is a unique, simple, and exciting sports betting app. It comes with amazing user interface. This app takes the free to play model of trivia apps and applies it to the sports world with game predictions. GameOn is seamless, simple and completely free. It comes with no player drafting or hard to understand points systems.

It follows a three step system that’s an easy to understand model:

  1. Before the game:

Make picks from player and team related questions. For example, “Who will win?”, “Who will score the first touchdown?” and “who will hit the most three-pointers?”

  1. During the game:

Accumulate points for each correct pick. The riskier the picks, the more points up for grabs!

  1. After the game:

Fans with the most points win cash and brand partner prizes. A tie-breaker question will be used to split winners if several fans finish equal. This means there are no $0.80 grand prizes like trivia apps. For select perfect picks games, you can win $100,000

GameOn’s free sports pick app is designed to be social. It connects users with other fans in their circle. The app features a group chat and leader-board feature where you can follow, engage, and keep tabs on how friends are tracking. This allows you to claim bragging rights.

The app is perfect for fans of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and college sports. This includes the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, and many more.

You can play GameOn wherever you are.  Whether you’re at the stadium, with friends, watching at the bar, or catching the game at home, you can play. GameOn is a free and legal platform that is simple, fun, zero risk, safe and rewarding.


  • Free to play sports picks during live games.
  • Games and contests align with the national broadcasts of major leagues and teams. This includes the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA.
  • Complementary to the game as your go to second screen.
  • Simple and easy social experience with zero risks.

What Determines Users’ Preference in a Sports Betting App?

What users look for in sports betting apps depends on their needs and preferences. This may differ from one sports betting fan to the next. The operating system you are using may affect which app performs best on your phone. Apps with large file sizes may be out of the question for some people.

Do you have an interest in a diverse range of sports and like to switch between different games? A sports betting app with a large variety of sports is what you should look for.  But, if you are only interested in one mainstream sport, a sports app with less variety may be better for you.

If you are a new sports betting app user, functions and how user-friendly the app is will play a large role. An uncomplicated app that is easy to navigate will help you get into the fun of betting. This is especially true when you don’t have to spend hours learning how the platform works.

Sign-up bonuses are also something you should look for. They are a great way to try out a new app and find out if you like it without investing too much of your own money. If it doesn’t seem to be the right fit for you, try the next one without any losses.

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