A mobile and web real time gaming platform that pays users money and prizes.

WinQuik is the mobile app and digital gaming platform that our team developed for ClickStream. This APP allow users to compete and win cash and prizes, all while connected on a unique social gaming platform.

Michael Handelman, CFO, of Clickstream states, “WinQuikTM is a truly unique and detailed gaming platform. We are thrilled with the Infinixsoft team and its commitment to building our platform. The ability to synchronize mobile and digital platforms to perform in real-time is not an
easy task. We are pleased with the development and scheduled rollout.”

How it works?
WinQuik will offer up to 5 daily games of multiplayer quizzes. Prime time quizzes will be run by well known hosts with a wide range of new and interesting topics for players to compete in.

Which are the topics?

  • Survival
  • Crime
  • History
  • Geography
  • Gaming
  • Cars
  • Food
  • The human Body
    As you know prime time quizzes will be run by well known hosts like
  • Pooch Hall
  • Amber Theoharis
  • Jordan Andino
  • Robert Joshua Dobbs
  • Brian Baldinger
  • Mykel Hawke
  • Howie Schwab

Test your skills and play WinQuik. What are you waiting to download?
Avaliable on App Store and Google Play

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