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8 Best Tutoring Apps For Students

The advancement of technology in the world has made so many things simpler. Education is not left out, things are changing daily. Parents hiring tutors to coach their kids has always been a stable part of the educational process for most families. But there is a new and interesting way of doing this that a […]

Weedly: Easy Access To Your Desired Strain Of Weed, Anytime And Anywhere

More than 50% of U.S. states and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of cannabis in some forms. More states are already considering bills to join in the train. Cannabis is a treasured gift from mother nature to combat tons of medical conditions. From relieving chronic pain to providing the energy needed for […]

Top 10 Testing Tools You Should Consider In 2019

Software is developed to make lives easy. It does so by allowing individuals to execute time-consuming tasks within a reasonable timeframe. Today, there is a constant rise in the number of software users. This has become motivation for developers. Now, the goal is to build software programs that add value and outperforms the existing ones. […]

Similar To Airbnb: 10 Best Airbnb Alternatives For Travelers

Everyone has a time when they need to get out of town and need to find somewhere to stay. Some people love room serviced hotels while others prefer apartments and houses. For vacations and trips, either for business or fun, there has always been one option available: hotels. Hotels were the indisputable kings of the […]

Firebase Pricing: Understanding Realtime Database Billing

What Is Firebase? Firebase is a web and mobile application development platform. It was originally developed in 2011 by Firebase Inc. Google took over this amazing development platform in 2018. Over the years, it has been powering different products and applications. Currently, it has 18 products on over 1.5 million apps. Firebase Pricing Plans Firebase […]

Multicloud: What Are The Benefits For Businesses?

Cloud computing came on board some years ago. That marked a turning point in the way people handled their businesses. Today, multicloud is the new kid on the block. To beat the competition and meet your business needs, you may have to use different solutions. One of such is multi cloud computing. What Is Multicloud? […]

iOS App Development: How To Become A Successful iOS App Developer

iOS app development is niche that a lot of app developers find attractive. This is because of the features, flexibility, functionalities and opportunities on the platform. The good news is that you don’t need to be a guru to develop on the iOS platform. You only need to have a basic knowledge of coding to […]

What Is Functional Testing And Why Is It Important?

What Is Functional Testing? Functional testing helps to make sure that developers create an application according to outlined requirements. While testing, the testers will check each function of the software program. They will compare the test result with the expected result. It helps developers know if an application works according to specified expectations or not. […]

Mobile App Development NYC

Americans spend an average of 4 hours on their phones daily. Same goes for residents of New York city. What do people do on their phones? Moving from one app to another. According to data from APP Annie, an average smartphone user has 80 apps on their phone. As the number of smartphone users grow […]

NodeJS Vs ReactJS

Web developers are having a hard time making a lot of decisions about web creation. They need to use a web application that will give them a very strong online presence. This is important for their brand image. One of the most frequent challenges business owners face is how to choose a JavaScript framework (JS). […]