There are a few design terms you need to know if you want your colleagues and clients to take you seriously. The last thing you want is to lose authority because you mixed up some words.

Typeface VS Face

Typerface: is the name of a specific collection of related fonts

Face: refers to a particular weight, width and style within that typeface. Each variation of typeface is a font

Tint VS Tone

Tint: adding white to a pure color creates tints. You can mix any of the basic twelve colors together and then add an amount of pure white to get a tint or pastel palette.

Tone: adding black and white or gray to a pure color creates tones of a color

White space VS Negative space

White space: the area of a document that is left unmarked

Negative space: the intentional use of space to present an artistically meaningful ilusion

Vector VS Raster

Vector: are lines curves and intersections that the computer interprets to produce an image. Unlimited zooming.

Raster: are the combination of pixels. This means if you zoom in far enough you see a collection of squares.

Opacity VS Translucency

Opacity: controls visibility of a graphic layer

Translucency: the term for a trick to make part of an image look slightly see-through without making a whole new layer for it

Did you know the difference?

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