Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Appreneur?


Author: Dina Destreza

Let’s just cut to the chase on this, shall we?  Being an appreneur, an entrepreneur that is focused on creating the next big app (or many of them), is not as simple as being just a straight entrepreneur.  Of course, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy at all, which might cause you to wonder how difficult it is to be an appreneur.

To be an appreneur for either or both Android app development and iOS app development, you of course need the regular entrepreneurial skills, such as basic business management, communication, branding, and finance skills, but you also need some very special skills that will set you up for success as an appreneur.

The app industry is different than any other industry because it is anything but traditional.  Mobile app development is new and exciting and ever-changing.  The industry can literally change on a daily basis and an appreneur must be up for the challenge.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Appreneur KeyideasMust-Have Appreneurial Skills

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When you are in the field of mobile app development and you want to make a living out of it, you need certain skills, special skills that will allow you to succeed in the mobile app industry.  Here are the most important skills needed to be an appreneur:

The Ability to Adapt Quickly

The technology industry is constantly changing and those changes happen quickly, but when it comes to mobile, change happens at a phenomenal pace – a pace that blows regular IT out of the water.  The last thing you want is to have a great idea for a great Android app and have that idea become obsolete by the time you have finished development.  You not only have to think fast, you have to work fast.

Keep It Simple

What you must understand about iPhone app development and Android app development is that simplicity is the name of the game.  Rather than trying to give it all to your customers (a more traditional approach), you want to give them one thing and make sure that one thing is complete and meets or exceeds the customers’ expectations.  You want to be sure that whatever app you develop is going to offer a level of perfection and style that your customers will appreciate, especially since apps are common and cheap.

Always Be Flexible

Make sure your thinking can adapt with the market.  This way, your apps can adapt, as well.  You might start out with a specific idea of how your app should be and what it should do, but during mobile app development, you might find the app environment is changing and you have to alter your app accordingly.  Ensuring you create apps that can keep up with the times, adding and removing features as needed or changing focus, is critical to success.

Making Money

People want free apps.  Period.  An app really has to appeal to customers for them to be willing to pay for the app, which can make it really difficult for appreneurs to make money.  You have to know how to monetize your apps.  You have to determine the best way to make money from your app while optimizing the number of people who use it.  There are a number of options, such as charging a download fee, offering a free basic app with paid upgrades, and using in-ad advertisements.  Whichever you choose, make sure you keep those customers downloading your apps.

Marketing – Yes, You Still Need to Do It

Even though the retail industry has changed drastically over the years, one facet of it has held steadfast and true – you absolutely must market your products!  You can have the best app idea in the world and it won’t matter one bit if no one knows about it, or more importantly, you if can’t make anyone care about it.  Butmobile app marketing is a very different beast than traditional marketing because it can be targeted to specific audiences.  This means less hit and miss and more customer conversions.  You also need to make the most of search engine marketing by ensuring your app places high in the rankings.

The fact of the matter is the mobile app industry is just taking off and you definitely want to go along for the ride.  You just need to make sure you augment the regular entrepreneurial skills you’ll need with these new appreneurial skills to make the most of your app development business.

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