Essentials Permissions: What Is EssentialsX And Why Should You Use It?

Are you wondering how you can optimize your server’s performance without much stress? One of the best and most efficient solutions available is boosting it with some plugins. You can use plugins such as Group Manager and Essentials. You can use these to add features to the server and power it up.

What is Essentials Plugin?

What Is Essentials Plugin?

Essentials is the typical Minecraft plugin. This powerful software enables a user to perform a wide range of functions. This includes setting warps, setting a spawn point, and creating kits. Your ability to perform these functions will boost your server’s performance.

Essentials Installation

This plugin doesn’t come with your server by default. You must download and install it before you can have access to its many features and benefits.

Once you open the Essentials folder, you will come across several configuration files. With these files, you can set up different sections of your server. Especially with the config.yml file.

This file is divided into different segments to simplify the server configuration process.

Each of the segments comes with an explanation of how it works and the configuration process. Use this information to your advantage.

Permission List

This list contains important commands you can use in Essentials to perform functions. These will give your server a massive boost.

Module Command Permission Description
Essentials afk essentials.afk This allows access to the /afk command.
Essentials afk essentials.afk.message It allows access to settings of an afk message.
Essentials back essentials.back It gives access to the /back command.
Essentials back essentials.back.ondeath This permission allows players to use the /back to go to their death spot.
Essentials balance essentials.balance.others you can view others’ balance with this permission
Essentials burn essentials.burn It gives access to the /burn command.
Essentials clearinventory essentials.clearinventory the /clearinventory command is accessible with this permission.
Essentials balancetop essentials.balancetop You can gain access to the /balancetop command with this command.
Essentials ban essentials.ban It allows access to the /ban command
Essentials ban essentials.ban.exempt This commands doesn’t allow you to ban a specific player or group.
Essentials disposal essentials.disposal The /disposal command is accessible with this command
Essentials essentials essentials.essentials You have access to the /essentials command with the help of this command.
Essentials fireball essentials.fireball Use the /fireball command with it.
Essentials firework essentials.firework It allows access to the /firework command.
Essentials help It gives access to the /help command.
Essentials skull essentials.skull It offers you access to the /skull command.
Essentials skull Essentials.skull.modify These commands allow you to change the owner of a player skull.

It is important to note from the above that a command may have multiple permissions. So, it can play different roles, depending on the attached permission.

It is also noteworthy that there are hundreds of commands.  To get a complete list of all the commands, permissions, and their descriptions, Click here.

What Is EssentialsX?

What Is EssentialsX?

EssentialsX is an important plugin designed for Spigot and Bukkit servers. It is an upgraded version of Essentials and one of the most versatile plugins for a server. The updating enables it to support Spigot and Minecraft versions.

Highlights Of EssentialsX

When Essentials was discontinued in 2014, it was replaced with EssentialsX. Some of the major features of the plugin that set it apart from its predecessor are:

  • It is actively and regularly updated and maintained. This gave birth to the Minecraft and Spigot versions.
  • It is compatible with Essential signs the entire Minecraft versions.
  • From versions 1.13 and above, it has a more flexible and new database.
  • Its Essentials economy feature allows it for sending and receiving money.
  • Users can ignore private messages with its /mstoggle command.
  • Bulk sell and hand sell have separate permissions. These are essentials.sell.bulk and essentials.sell.hand.
  • It is compatible with Command Cooldowns and Banner Metadata.
  • It offers you permission to exempt yourself from SocialSpy with command.
  • You have permissions that enable you to format your commands.

Why Should You Use EssentialsX?

The great difference between this plugin and the older version makes it a great tool for your server. Consider some of its outstanding benefits:

EssentialsX offers some fixes, something lacking in Spigot-Essentials and Essentials. It also possesses some features that boost its performance.

  • It allows you to customize some aspects of your servers such as spawn, chat, prefixes/suffixes.
  • Nickname Color Permissions.
  • /Pay Command Confirmation.
  • It allows you to control private messaging.
  • Great for creating kits for your players.
  • An efficient plugin for formatting mail chat.
  • It supports the use of some commands such as /spawn and /home.
  • If you have Vault plugin in your Minecraft Server, you can sell items and set up stores.

Although it is designed to replace Essentials, they don’t share the same requirements:

  • It can’t enable chat suffixes/prefixes and group support without Vault even if you have the permissions plugin it supports.

The Vault is a simple Permission, Chat, and Economy API. It enables plugins to hook with permissions without depending on the plugins themselves.

  • Do you desire to use wildcards, even with unsupported permissions plug? If so, go to the configuration and enable use-bukkit-permissions. If you don’t do this, the plugin will revert to config-based permissions.
  • It supports multiple versions of Minecraft such as 1.9.4, 1.8.8, 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.12.2, 1.14.4, and 1.13.2.
  • You need Java 8 or a higher version for EssentialsX. The plugin may malfunction on older versions.

It provides some important functionalities and features to take its performance to another level. These can be in any scale and size.

Some of the notable features are:

  • Moderation commands: /ban,  /kick, /jail, /mute
  • Private messaging: /r, /msg, /mail
  • Homes and warps: /warp, /home
  • Teleports and teleport requests: /tppos, /tp, /tpa
  • Admin tools: /powertool, /gamemode
  • Cheats: /spawnmob, /give
  • Server information: /list, /gc
  • Player information: /seen, /whois/getpos

A note of warning: When updating EssentialsX, you must ensure that all modules are the same version. This is a preventive measure against version mismatch errors.

More so, you may consider updating your config file too. Use the latest file to prevent issues.

As a replacement for Essentials, most of the permissions and commands in this version work like the first one.

Are you using the first Essentials and considering replacing it? Use the equivalent EssentialsX jars to replace the Essentials jars. You can take advantage of the compatibility of the Essentials files with EssentialsX to do this. Whenever you run Essentials for the first time, it will be updated.

EssentialsX Building

It is mandatory that you run BuildTools before compiling EssentialsX. This is a one-time thing and there are two options to choose from:

  1. Download and run the tool with this script: scripts/
  2. Download the BuildTools and run it yourself. This applies to versions 1.8.3 and 1.8.

If you wish to use Maven to build the permission, run this command: mvn clean install.

How You Can Contribute To EssentialsX

If you have the knowledge and experience to assist with improving EssentialsX, you can make your contributions in many ways. Aside from making financial contributions, you can do so in these ways:

  1. If you run a server, check the “help wanted” section. There, you will find some issues where you can help with investigation or extra testing is needed.
  2. There is also the language files section. This deals with interpreting the plugin into some major languages. These languages include Italian, Chinese, and more. If you are bilingual, consider making your contributions to that section.
  3. Another area where you can be of help is the “Open to PR” section. This section needs your input if you are a seasoned developer. You can assist with upgrading the plugin or making it bug-free.

Configuring Permissions And Player Ranks With Essentials GroupManager

One of the best ways you can create player ranks is to use Essentials GroupManager.

A Group Manager shows how to implement or manage permissions. The tool allows users to set permissions whenever they need them. This can be for some groups. It can also be used to add users to a group.

You can even use the plugin to create any number of groups and sub-groups, according to your needs.

Group Managers are important tools for the larger percentage of Minecraft servers. Without it, you are limited in server control.

But, it gives you better control over your server as you can create a personalized system for the server.

The configuration tool has some important built-in features that make it perfect for the job. They include:

  • Default: This is otherwise known as the guest group. New players join it automatically.
  • Builder: The basic group where players are allowed to build.
  • Admin
  • Moderator: A moderator has full rights.
  • Owner: The owner has access to the entire commands and permissions in the plugin. They are the only one with the power to define groups, control plugins, and can restart or shut down the server.

Default is the starting point. You can then get promotion through the ranks. As you are promoted, your access level to most commands on the server will increase. So, you can use more commands than you had access to before.

Follow the step-by-step process below for the configuration using Essentials GroupManager:

  • Download the Manager: Download and install the Essentials GroupManager.
  • Check available groups: Have a look at the available groups. Use this command to view them: /listgroups.
  • View the permissions: After seeing the group, take a look at the permissions. This is very important since each group has a list of permissions it allows. Use the command /manglistp group to view it.
  • Add or delete permission: You can then add permission to a group or delete one from it. This may be necessary after adding a plugin to your server. You may desire to create some commands from the plugin and make it available to a specific group.

You may have to create a list of some of the commands for the plugin. Use either of these commands to delete or add permissions: /mangaddp groupname permissions.node or /mangdelp groupname permissions.node.

  • Promote or demote a player: The /manpromote playername group command enables you to promote a player. You can demote one with /mandemote playername group command.
  • Configure default group for new players: If you have new players, configure a default group for them. The following steps will help you do that without issues:

o   Log in to the Command Center. Look for the specific server you want to change from your list. On the right hand side, find the Manage button and click it. Above the console is a Files tab, click it.

o   Open/[game folder]/plugins/GroupManager/worlds/[world name]/groups.yml.

Once you open it, find this command:


 default: true


Change it to


default: false


o   Check under the group you want to use as your new default and change default: false to default: true

For instance, if you want to change a group named Confirm, the command goes:


default: true


  •       When you are done, save the file.
  •       Finally, reload the file by running the command /manload.

Note that you must run the /manload command after editing the GroupManager .yml file. If you don’t, the GroupManager will overwrite whatever changes you make to the file. It will do this when you restart your server or run any command on it.

Essentials and General Manager Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I change Essential messages?

Answer: Create a “locale” file. With the file, you can override any message or change it.

2.  How do I handle Essentials if it is the wrong language?

Answer: Check the Essentials config.yml file. It contains the language settings option.

3.  How can I allow a group or a user access to some commands?

Answer: Use the Group Manager plugin to give them access to the commands.

4.  How can I solve YAML errors when I start my server?

Answer: If you get this error, the error message will give you a clue . Check the highlighted line number for indentation errors or types.

With Essential Permissions and Group Manager, you have everything you need to make your server work better.

5.  How do I stop the group config file from resetting automatically?

Answer: Disable auto saving to solve this issue. You can also place a request for manual load via /manload command.

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