How much will the new apple products cost?

Apple just wrapped up its “One More Thing” hardware live stream, where it announced new versions of the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini, taking the risk of replacing Intel chips with processors in Mac computers, the M1 chip.

Apple processors belong to the Arm family (the kind used in iPhones and iPads) and this change will make Apple Mac computers more like iPhone and iPad, so iPhone and iPad apps can run on Mac.

However, the latest version of Apple’s macOS also has a redesigned look that more closely resembles iPhone and iPad software, along with iPhone user interface elements such as the Control Center.

Apps that are already available on your iPhone or iPad will be able to run natively on Mac computers with Apple’s silicone. This means that Mac owners will have a much larger library of applications at their disposal when computers running on Apple’s silicone boot up.

Also, Apple has partnered with companies such as Microsoft and Adobe to make its popular programs compatible with Apple chips.
This is the first Mac to run on home computer chips. This will allow for better performance and specific functions tailored to Apple hardware, giving Apple the ability to pack more circuits supported by a larger battery.
“When we look ahead, we envision some amazing new products,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the presentation. “And transitioning to our own custom silicon is what will enable us to bring them to life.

  • The MacBook Air is available for preorder today and will release next week and cost $999
  • The Mac mini’s It will start at $699, and you can tweak it with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 2TB of internal storage. Like the MacBook Air, the mini is available to order now, with the release coming next week.
  • Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro is the next macOS device to get the M1 chip. It starts at $1,299 and is available for preorder now.
    It is expected that it will take two years to fully transition from Intel chips to Apple’s own chips Although, Apple will continue to support and release new versions of macOS for Intel-based Macs Watch the special Apple Event “One more thing” on YouTube

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