How To Make A Game App: 8 Simple Steps To Follow To Make A Winning Game App

There are millions of game apps on various platforms. Game app development and mobile gaming is a huge industry. This is an industry with huge return on investment. The huge earning potential in the industry has aroused developers’ interest. Now many people are interested in learning how to make a game app.

According to a report from Admob, about 62% of smartphone users install a game app on their device. They do this within the first week after purchasing. This figure represents a tremendous market potential. This means huge profit for developers who know how to create or make a game app that people love.

But, like any other venture, making a gaming app doesn’t guarantee success. Games and gaming apps need in-depth studying and understanding of the target market. You want to create an app that your target demographic can easily connect with. The insight derived from your market research will help to create an engaging gaming experience that can also be monetized.

Not sure what to do or how to get started? Here are 8 simple steps to follow to help you create a winning gaming app:

8 Steps To Making A Game App

Develop an Idea/Concept

Conception and ideation are usually the most complex phases. It is crucial to the eventual success of the gaming app. To create a successful gaming app, it is important to build it on a compelling idea. The keys to generating these compelling ideas are innovation and engagement. You need to find an idea that will appeal to your target audience.

A common approach to making a gaming app is to replicate an existing idea. This route is taken instead of developing an idea from scratch. Games like Candy Crush and Diamonds are great examples of replicating existing ideas. They simply added their own unique touch, like the use of diamonds and candies.

Tell a Story

Gaming and storytelling are quite similar. People who download the app will need a reason to continue to use and interact with the app. A story is always important, no matter how simple and basic this may be. A lot of people over complicate things. The truth is, creating a story is not as difficult as it seems to be. Developing a compelling story can be as simple as providing answers to some of the following questions:

  • Who will be the hero and the villain in the story?
  • What are their remarkable strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is the conflict of the story?
  • Why will they fight each other?
  • How will the hero triumph over the villain?

Make it Addictive

A good gaming app needs to suck people in and be addictive. It has to be so thrilling and engaging that people wouldn’t mind spending the whole day playing it. A gaming app should be easy to use, fun, and have increasing difficulty levels. A small level of addiction will definitely help keep users on the app.

According to research, players tend to lose interest in lengthy games. Engaging and short levels of activity filled with unlockable contents will help to enhance addiction. At the end of the day, the gaming app will be able to keep users with frequent updates. This will involve a lot of freebies on special occasions and during general holidays.

Identify the Major Platforms

Creating a mobile gaming app requires a platform. The platform on which the gaming app will be hosted should be determined ahead of time. The choice among Android, iOS, or Windows is always a tough one. Android and iOS are the biggest contenders. Blackberry and Windows are not usually most peoples’ favorites on the list. One could also decide to go for a hybrid. But, there may be extra charges involved in making a gaming app for several platforms.

The major deciding factor on creating a game app is the ideal target audience. The focus is usually on the OS (Operating system) which the most profitable players make use of. It’s advisable to focus on the most profitable platforms. In a situation where the market is spread across several platforms, you may opt for more than one OS.

Create Stunning Designs

Making and developing a gaming app is a bit more complicated than creating any other kind of app. You have to take some factors into consideration. These factors include:

  • The story that underlines the game
  • The characters performing the action
  • The final appearance

Design differentiates each gaming app from the other. App game developers are able to come up with unique designs because the possibilities are endless. Experienced developers know it is important to keep design element weight at the minimum.

Monetization Strategy

When making a game app, putting a monetization strategy in place is crucial to the success of the project. Without a solid monetization plan, you will hardly be able to generate any revenue. People don’t build stuff for fun or for free, there is always an end goal, profit. The profit generated is the compensation for the expenses of finance and time.

Wondering how you can turn your game app into a money making machine? Here are a few tips to consider:

In –app purchases: Gaming app developers often make their apps free. This does not mean they don’t have a way of generating revenue. When the app is free, revenue channels are usually embedded in the app through in-app purchases. In-app purchases account for an approved 2% of gaming apps’ total revenue on Android and even more on iOS. The higher the activity on the app, the more income it makes.

Ads within the app: Many gaming apps offer in-app purchases as they display ads. A combination of these two monetization strategies is a common practice. This combination is used because a single strategy on its own may not bring in enough revenue. The ad content should be vetted so it doesn’t flout any law or support indecency.

Premium versions: This is the mainstream monetization strategy. A free trial period or a demo may be offered to prospective customers. It serves as the bait. This is why it is important that you make the gaming app addictive. Users will only be willing to part with their money when they find the app valuable and addictive. Payments may be designed as outright or service based, which is applicable per sale.

Use the Right Technology

After getting the game idea right, the next thing you want to focus on is its development. At this stage, the tools to be used are decided. Most gaming app developers choose between these 3 common types of development process.

Native development process: This implies making use of the language native to the device platform for coding. For instance, java may be used for Android, swift for iOS. When it comes to performance, the native development process is the way to go.

HTML5: Most standard gaming apps make use of standard web technologies. These web technologies include HTML5, JavaScript and CSS HTML 5. They work well across a variety of platforms. They are developed using a write-once-run-anywhere approach. But, they encounter a few glitches like:

  • Session management timeout
  • Securing offline storage
  • Having access to native device functionality (such as camera, calendar, geolocation, etc.)

Above all, HTML is still a viable option for developing gaming apps.

Hybrid: Gaming app development sometimes combines the benefits of both native and HTML models. HTML5 design may be used in designing in such a way that it can run on any platform.

Game app developers may go for gaming app development kits. These will enable them to create cross platform mobile games. Especially without the need for professional knowledge in coding. These tools help with seamless gaming app development processes. They are also very cost effective.

Execution is Key

Execution is the icing on the cake. It is the final step in making a successful gaming app. So, it is necessary to choose skilled gaming app developers. They will be able to transform ideas into a lucrative and thriving business. Gaming app development is usually complex. Experienced developers are needed to create whatever amazing initiatives one may have.

With professional experience that spans over a decade, Infinixsoft can help you handle any project. If you desire a committed developer for your gaming app projects, get in touch.

How To Make A Game App

What Do I Need To Start Making A Gaming App?

Many developers who seek to make gaming apps put their focus on the regular app makers. You will discover that none of them are actually good for building games. The alternative here is a game engine or software dedicated to making games. To get the best of this software, it requires installation. To carry out an installation implies that you already have gadgets like:

A Personal Computer

A gaming app engine will need a personal computer for successful installation. A personal computer may be a windows supported device or a MacBook. Some gaming app engines are specific to either Windows or Mac. They are not compatible with both.

A Smartphone

A smartphone is required to test the outcome of the gaming app development. Testing is required to find out if the game works on both iPhone and Android devices. These market segments are the most important, so testing and evaluation is advised.

A Gaming App Developer Account

The cost for submitting a completed gaming app to Play store is $25 for a lifetime. While it costs $99 to submit to the App store. Unlike other app projects, there will be charges for app updates and compatibility. This could mean as many updates as possible every year.

A way to create and express art

You need gaming app development assets. Game assets are fundamental whether it is 2D or 3D. These assets are required to source free resources online and relevant market places. The best way to standout is by creating unique characters, background, music and menu for the gaming app.

A gaming app development engine

Gaming app engines can be categorized into:

Gaming app development template: The process of making a game app requires many tools. One of these tools is the gaming app development template. The gaming app development template is the easiest way to get started. It could also be the most limiting as well. This is because changes may be difficult to effect. Changes can only be made to the characters and background music. Generally, the mechanics of the gaming app development cannot be tweaked.

Drag and drop: The drag and drop method is the best method that anyone learning how to make a gaming app can adopt. There is a list of behavioral patterns. These patterns can be adapted and applied to the app development process. For instance, the developer may create a 3D square. They can create a behavior such that when the square is pressed, the character jumps.

Visual scripting: A more advanced gaming app solution gives the flexibility of code without having to code. Nodes will be created which is a replica for the actions or events for the game object. This helps to create a kind of diagram. This represents everything happening in the gaming app window.

Coding: When developing a gaming app, professionals often say the only way to get complete control over the system is through coding. Some gaming app development systems offer simplified code-scripting languages. These make it quite easy to grasp for beginners.

Can I Create Any Kind Of Gaming App?

The answer to this question is yes, anyone can create any kind of gaming app. But, this depends on the amount of time and commitment invested into the project. Beginners should consider creating gaming apps such as:

  • Arcade games
  • Casual games
  • Word/puzzle games
  • Platform games

Which Gaming App Development Engine Should I Choose?

The gaming app development engine depends on the level of skills the developer has. It also depends on the desired outlook of the game. Here is a list of some suitable gaming app development engines.


GameSalad can be described as a drag and drop gaming app development tool. It features an intuitive interface with amazing documentation. It is able to handle 2D physics. This makes it perfect for gaming app development. The results can also be published to iOS, Android, and even desktops games. GameSalad also has a “mobile viewer.” This enables gaming app developers to test the game on different mobile devices.

The main feature of GameSalad’s gaming app development engine is ease of maneuvering. It’s game physics, good documentation, and marketplace comes with basic gaming app templates. The ad monetization system has the support of the pro version ($25 a month). The basic version comes at $17. There are discounts available to students, teachers and military personnel.

Gamebuilder Studio

When using visual scripting, the gamebuilder studio may be more intimidating than GameSalad. The difference here is that the documentation may be exhaustive, but are fairly cheap. The pro version goes for $99 and $199 per annum. This version has features with tutorials and extra plugins for gaming app development.


Infinixsoft provides their clients the necessary services and support to design, develop, and launch a web or mobile app. They also develop their own gaming apps that are commercialized as stand-alone products.


This is an interesting gaming app development engine. It is based on Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s visual programming language. The gaming app design elements are designed to fit in like a puzzle. This is so users can have a good understanding of how coding works and how to use it. This helps to make the process of developing gaming apps for android and iOS seamless.

There are several approaches to making a gaming app. What is important in creating a magnetic, engaging and super addictive gaming app? It is the level of expertise and commitment invested into the project. The research phase, where you uncover unique angles and how to execute them, are equally important.

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