How ux design is different from ui design

The terms UI and UX are often used interchangeably. But there is a big difference and it is one that is important to understand if you wish to improve the user experience.

UX design gives greater attention to all development stages. It deals with the placement of visuals on the screen, sequences of user actions, details like how the search works, as well as the final impression. It is responsible for how the product feels when a user interacts with it. UX design also involves establishing clear communication between the product and its users, creation of prototypes and scenarios for them, as well as user analytics.

UX design is about making everything work as simply as possible, helping users to achieve what they want on a given page.

UI design is responsible for how the product looks – colors, styles, fonts, and other visual elements. UI design should turn all the UX engineering work into an eye-candy.

The UI design process deals with choosing different visual elements and making them all work together, that is creating a design that would please the eye of target users without causing visual discomfort or overwhelming them. A UI designer is responsible for bringing about a brand’s voice through digital visuals, with the ultimate goal of making the user like the brand at first glance.

The process of creating a UI design significantly challenges an individual’s creativity and communication skills: working alongside a UX designer, a UIdesigner should build a beautiful and comfortable car that can drive the user down the UX road that ends with buying a product.

The difference between UI and UX design is pretty clear on paper. In practice, there is not one but two ways to design digital products.

As UI and UX design go hand in hand, a lot of people learn both at once. For many businesses hiring one person to create both makes sense when it comes to their mode of operation and their budget. This position usually bares the title “UI/UX designer”

Other companies prefer to separate the duties to get the best UI and UX design possible. 

Whether the duties are separated or not, both user experience and user interface design are crucial to creating a coherent, quality product — a product that looks beautiful, that raises emotions, and one that is a pleasure to use.

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