Creating an app might seem a difficult task when you are a starter. There are so many type of apps and you can have so many ideas that you may ask yourself where to begin. Here, in this article, we give you 5 app ideas you can design if you are a beginner.  Develop a […]


Every field has their own specialist vocabulary, and terminology can be an intimidating barrier for the budding professional or career changer.  Do you want to be a pro UX/UI designer? Sound like one! Here are 7 terms all UX/UI Designers must know: 60-30-10 rule: This is a rule that you can apply when choosing the […]

8 Reasons Why Typography Is Important

When someone visits your website, they don’t care much about the graphics, they just go through the textual content. This is because texts are the major sources of information. So while creating content for your website you should take care of balancing the graphics and text. This is where typography comes into play. Typography is […]


YES! You can come to UX writing from almost any educational background. If your writing skills are top-notch, here are some qualities that can help you succeed as a UX writer.  READ:  There are many UX books to read but here are two of my favorites: Microcopy: The complete Guide. By  Kinneret Yifrah Strategic Writing […]


Every human being has creativity. Some appear to have loads of it while others are endowed with a tiny pinch. We often think the amount of creativity a person has is limited, that there is some kind of ceiling to it built into each individual. However, there are ways to enhance creativity through simple habits […]

Top 5 YouTube channels to learn UX

Designers now care more about the experience rather than how something looks. You can design pretty websites and apps but you need great UX to be usable. But if you’re getting more into the UX side of things, you’ll love these YouTube channels. The futur: Their mission is to teach people how to make a […]

Top 5 User Research books you must read

User Research is a process of understanding user needs, wants, and behaviors using different observation and feedback collection methods. When should you apply user research? You can do it during the 3 stages of website creation. During pre-research: cart sorting is ideal to start with. In-process research: website mockups can be tested with eyetracking so […]

9 simple but powerful UX writing tips for designers

1. Go ahead and end on prepositions I don’t know how much attention you paid in English class, but if you paid any, you’ve probably heard that there’s a rule against ending sentences with a preposition (about, for, from, etc.). Well, I’m here to tell you that is a complete and utter crock. The people […]


What makes a great designer? Design is everywhere. Everything you see has a design. Have you never thought about that? Take the test, look around you. ​​Years of experience for sure, but there is more to being great than simply putting in the hours. Besides being able to create amazing work, you come to realize […]

How to Make Your Portfolio Stand Out

Design is a fast growing industry with a vast array of opportunities, it’s an exciting time to build a dream career in the industry. With so many amazing design jobs out there, and so many well-qualified designers, how can you make your design portfolio stand out?  1. Select your work carefully Don’t just throw all […]

7 top trends in mobile app development for 2015

Mobile technology is growing at the speed of light in front of our eyes and when a new year arrives, mobile developers face a great amount of challenges, both in terms of adopting and understanding most of what we can of new technologies. We at InfinixSoft love to keep up with new trends, so we are constantly […]

User Interface Tips & Tricks Roundup – Week 3

We meet again in another roundup of some great articles, which we think will provide you great ideas and advices to consider when developing a user interface for your app or a website. Here at InfinixSoft we love to carefully craft and think very well about the designs of all our projects. We always have in our minds that no […]

User Interface Tips & Tricks Roundup – Week 2

Here we go again! This week we continue to focus on one of the greatest issues most developers had to face when building an app: user interface design. That’s why here bring you another roundup of great articles about this subject, that we carefully took the time to curate. And in case you missed the first roundup you can […]

InfinixSoft keeps designing and releasing new and exciting apps! This one is called “Biinmo” and was designed to revolutionize the way people buy, sell and lease properties in Colombia.

Find your new home in Colombia with “Biinmo”!

InfinixSoft keeps designing and releasing new and exciting apps! This one is called “Biinmo” and was designed to revolutionize the way people buy, sell and lease properties in Colombia.

Welcome to InfinixSoft!

Welcome to the first post of our blog. We are InfinixSoft, a group of enthusiast people that love to build iPhone, iPad, Android and Web apps for startups and large companies. And we love what we do. As you can see our motto is “Your app. Our passion”, and we firmly believe in that statement. […]