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Leading projects is not an easy task. It is extremely positive and I love my job but it is a constant exercise of the company, the communication and the teamwork. Here you will find the premises on which I base in order to be successful in the projects that I lead.

Businessman multitasking


*Getting involved and engaged in the project as if you were the customer.

* Having cleared the aims and the customer expectations that we must fulfil.

*Being organized and planning the progress progressively.

*Always being in mind the tasks of each member of the group.

* Being clear in the internal communication and with the customer.

*Assigning the project and the tasks according to the qualities and skills of each member of the group.

*Bearing in mind the delivery dates and to communicate it to all involved.

*Knowing every day the state and the progress of the project.

*Using a management tool that allows us to transfer, assign and follow up the status of the tasks.

*considering the suggestions and the recommendations of others.

Furthermore, always need to have a clear vision of the complete and the upcoming projects in the near future for the proper distribution of resources.

A relaxed, friendly, and fellowship atmosphere is an excellent area where projects can emerge and become the reality that the customer desire. The respect as the foundations of relations and the clear aims help us to be focused in the final result.

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