Top 5 User Research books you must read

User Research is a process of understanding user needs, wants, and behaviors using different observation and feedback collection methods.

When should you apply user research? You can do it during the 3 stages of website creation.

  1. During pre-research: cart sorting is ideal to start with.
  2. In-process research: website mockups can be tested with eyetracking so that only the versions that are best understood by the user go into production.
  3. Real user research: when the website is already online, you can do eyetracking and you can do A/B testing… or in other words… let your mother test it.

If you are looking to learn more about user research, here are 5 books that will make people fall in love with your project.

1. Remote Research: By Nate Bolt and Tony Tulathimutte

Remote research allows you to recruit subjects quickly, cheaply, and immediately, and give you the opportunity to observe users as they behave naturally in their own environment.

2. Build better products: By Laura Klein

Build Better Products is a hands-on, step-by-step guide that helps teams incorporate strategy, empathy, design, and analytics into their development process

3. Interviewing users: By Steve Portigal

Provides invaluable interviewing techniques and tools that enable you to conduct informative interviews with anyone. You’ll move from simply gathering data to uncovering powerful insights about people.

4. Validating product ideas: By Tomer Sharon

This book will help you learn the techniques for finding the answers to your most burning questions about your customers. With step-by-step guidance, Validating Product Ideas shows you how to tackle the research to build the best possible product.

5. The user experience team of one: By Leah Buley

Prescribes a range of approaches that have big impact and take less time and fewer resources than the standard lineup of UX deliverables. 

Hope you enjoy them! Have you already read them?

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