Top 5 YouTube channels to learn UX

Designers now care more about the experience rather than how something looks. You can design pretty websites and apps but you need great UX to be usable. But if you’re getting more into the UX side of things, you’ll love these YouTube channels.

  1. The futur:

Their mission is to teach people how to make a living, doing what they love. They focus on 5 main topics: Mindset, Marketing, sales and negotiations, pricing and motivation.

  1. High Resolution: 

Hosted by  Bobby Ghoshal and Jared Erondu, this channel brings clarity to how the best companies approach, communicate and deploy design.

  1. Flux: 

This is the personal blog of Ran Segall, a designer and entrepreneur. He shares his journey, struggles and lessons he learn. Also, explain how he built his career as a designer and a business owner.

  1. Charlie Marie TV: 

Charlie is a web and graphic designer who is passionate about helping creative professionals increase their worth by improving their craft and process.

  1. Sketch together: 

This is a channel dedicated to all things related to UX and UI design plus some stuff about illustration.

I hope you watch them and increase your learning!

 Do you watch videos on youtube? or use them as learning tools? 

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