Consumers are familiar with certain types of features that make the usability experience more pleasant and comfortable. That’s why we bring you these 8 features that cannot be missing from your mobile website

1. click to call and click to sms buttons

When people are searching for products or services on their smartphones, they often prefer to call a business rather than visit its location. Make sure that your potential customers will be able to contact you easily by adding a click-to-call or click-to-sms button on your mobile website.

2. Mobile maps with directions

Help your customers find your business with ease and how to get to it. Adding the Google Map widget within the ActiveMobi mobile builder and setting up your map with step by step driving directions, will help your customers locate your place in seconds.

3.Contact forms

Thanks to this feature, the potential prospects can ask questions concerning a particular product or service. This is a great way for gaining leads. Make sure to ask for short amounts of information to keep the form’s length small. Focus on the most important information that you require.

4. Collapsible content and image sliders

To avoid an excessive amount of content on mobile, remember to use different kinds of collapsible (accordion-type) content, one that will allow you to present these elements in a practical manner. Scrolling down through a very long page can be really tiring for a mobile device user, so avoid it at all costs!

5. Easy navigation

Navigation is as important for uses as the loading speed of a mobile website. Users should be able to perform the most important actions from the homepage in order to reach the content that they are looking for in every single page. Placing the “back” button at the bottom and upper part of the page is a great alternative.

6. Video Content

Reading large chunks of text on a smartphone is not very pleasant. About 41% of users would prefer watching a video instead. Placing a short video about your company or any particular product, may help you to convince the prospect to take action just by watching it.

7. Large enough buttons

Mobile users tap the screen with their fingers, so a larger button can enhance the site’ usability. Considering this, designing buttons with a 45-57 pixels size is recommended.

8. Link to the desktop site

Alwaye make sure to provide a link to the full version of the website, even if it is an adjusted version for desktop use only.

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