User Interface Tips & Tricks Roundup – Week 1

You can think about making the most useful app in the world, even in the universe, but it won’t never meet its whole purpose without a proper design.

Designing and building good User Interfaces and User Experiences for mobile apps can be a very tricky job, and with more and more new devices with different screen sizes being released almost every day it gets even trickier!

At InfinixSoft we always strive for app interfaces that catch our users’ eyes, after all, you can have the best mobile app out there, but if it doesn’t look good or your users don’t understand how to use it, then it won’t be successful.

That’s why we decided to collect the finest articles with useful tips that can help you in the hard process of designing the correct interface for your app.

Designing for Large Screen Smartphones

Luke Wroblewski – Lukew

There’s a lot of big guys in here that really wish that their hands would get bigger as screen devices are getting larger every day, but that won’t happen. Big screens can be a benefit for any app as they give us developers and designers more real-estate to add amazing features, but sometimes that can be a problem too, here you have some great ideas to make your app fully functional and comfortable to your thumbs, no matter the size.

Almost everybody loves big screen devices, but for most graphic designers it can be a nightmare to design a website or an app to fit correctly in different screen sizes and formats. Responsive design is the trend that most professionals are taking, but even with all its positives there are some downsides, that can be fixed with some of the tips that you can find in this article.

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9 GIFs That Explain Responsive Design Brilliantly

John BrownleeFast Company

If you are not sure what Responsive Design is and what the fuss is all about, then read this article that is brilliantly illustrated with gif images that can turn you into an expert in a matter of minutes.


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9 App Design Tips For Android Screens

Richard Muttett – Arctouch

Android is one of the most fragmented device markets, therefore the process to develop apps for those devices can be more difficult, time consuming and expensive than doing the same job for iOS. But don’t panic, we’ve got you covered! This article can be very helpful if you are having trouble while developing apps for Android.

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How to Design Components for Mobile First

Luke Wroblewski – Intel Software TV

Luke appears for the second time in this roundup with this short but very useful video, where he explains why you should always think about designing your app for mobiles first to better engage users no matter which platform they are using.

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As you can see there’s a lot of things to have in mind while designing apps for any device and as technology advances these considerations get more complex. Do you need to build an app for your company but don’t want to worry about these issues? Then leave it in our hands! InfinixSoft creates highly polished products for the platform you require, we work directly with entrepreneurs to build, launch & support their companies. Get in touch here!


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