User Interface Tips & Tricks Roundup – Week 2

Here we go again! This week we continue to focus on one of the greatest issues most developers had to face when building an app: user interface design. That’s why here bring you another roundup of great articles about this subject, that we carefully took the time to curate. And in case you missed the first roundup you can read it here!  

Gestures & Animations: The Pillars of Mobile Design

Chris BankUX Magazine

For most “millenials” using a mouse to point and click to use a computer seems like something from the Stone Age, something that only romans did while they were watching gladiators fighting to death in the arena…Well, maybe this is a small exageration, but it is true that almost all devices these days come with touch screens, and  even when they all present a great number of advantages for consumers, this certainly causes some issues for designers. This excellent article presents with great deepness the basics of gestures usability and is very useful to anyone involved in app development.

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7 unbreakable laws of user interface design

Peter Vukovic99 designs

The constant emergence of new technologies in web development is creating a higher user demand for more dynamic, customized and visually pleasant experiences while browsing the web. This article takes some examples of good web design practices that can be translated perfectly to any user interface layout for an app you can be working on, so it’s good to have these laws always in mind.

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How to design for thumbs in the Era of Huge Screens

Scott Hurff –

Most smartphone market experts predict that thanks to the incredible sales of the biggest version of the iPhone 6, the big guys will become the mainstream in short time and all those devices with screens smaller than 4″ will start their inevitable decline very quickly. Like it or not, if you are a designer or developer then better read this post that will help you to have a better understanding of how the user experience changes when using big screens.

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10 User Interface Design Fundamentals

Kyle Sollenberger Treehouse blog 

We can challenge you to remember some bad user interfaces and probably you can remember a lot of them. But what if I told you to remember excellent UIs? I’m pretty sure it will be harder to do it. Why? because good user interfaces are the ones that are engineered to stay out of the way, meaning you are not distracted thinking about how to use them, thus making your experience better and smoother. This article gives you some insights on design fundamentals that I’m sure can help you to be a better designer.

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Here at InfinixSoft we use these and other articles as the base for our job, which is to build and create highly polished apps for all the available and most popular platforms and devices. If you are looking for a company that takes app design very seriously, you’ve come to the right place! contact us here and start right now to think about reaching new and bigger audiences! 

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