User Interface Tips & Tricks Roundup – Week 3

We meet again in another roundup of some great articles, which we think will provide you great ideas and advices to consider when developing a user interface for your app or a website.

Here at InfinixSoft we love to carefully craft and think very well about the designs of all our projects. We always have in our minds that no matter how good an app is, it will never fulfill its purpose without a properly designed UI, and these articles are great tools for that.

In case you missed the first two roundups, you can read them here and here. 

Mobile Design Pattern: Inventory-Based Discrete Slider

Greg Nudelman & Daria Kempka –

Ah….sliders…How did our digital lives would be without them? Well, this article sums pretty much all you need to know about sliders and how an experience with an app can improve when they are properly implemented. Their handling is natural, most users love to interact with them and your app can benefit a lot for having them.

The authors of this post also provide you with code for a new type of Android slider to address common problems, which is really great to test some new things in case you have some extra time!

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iPhone App Icon Design: Best Practises

Michael FlarupPixelresort

The iOS App Store (and the GooglePlay marketplace too) is like a digital version of the Old Western: at the moment of this writing there are more than 1.3 million apps out there, and they all are fighting with each other to get the most users’ attention possible. That’s why design the best icon for your app is a most crucial part of your success on the iOS platform, and this well written post will give you excellent tips to work your way to the top with a nice looking icon.

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10 Responsive Design Problems and Fixes

Kirill StrelchenkoUxMagazine

Most major companies are implementing responsive design on their webpages and applications to give users the most dinamic experience possible by adapting to any device screen size. This useful article will give you a lot of insight if you need to know how to workaround with a lot of issues you can find while adapting to the basics of this trend.

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Designing For Device Orientation: From Portrait To Landscape

Avi ItzkovitchSmashingmagazine

Using correctly the screen device orientation feature could bring a lot of benefits for app developers and improve the user experience by providing extra space and an additional layout, just by turning your phone or tablet. However, this process can cause a lot of issues and present some serious challenges when designing a user interface, and some designers don’t fully understand the advantages of these features. Luckily this post will give you great tools and solutions to work with the transition of your app from portrait to landscape.

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As you can see to build the correct interface for your app can be very challenging and requires a lot from different skilled people, like the ones we have here at InfinixSoft. So if you are thinking about designing your app and don’t know how and where to start, then don’t wait anymore and send us a message! We know what we do, and we love to do it!


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