User Interface Tips & Tricks Roundup – Week 4

One of the key elements that define InfinixSoft’s apps is our obsession with polishing as much as we can the user interface and the whole graphic design of all of the apps we are developing.

Our designers have a lot of insight in how producing them but from time to time, they look for other resources on the net to inspire them and know more about their field, of course, we all do the same! We share with you some of those resources because we think they will give very valuable knowledge about UIs and help you in the hard road of building a great and successful app. 

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Martin LeBlancIconfinder

One of the most common mistakes made by developers is not giving enough attention to the design of the icon for their app. Peter Vesterbacka, CEO of Rovio, said once in a conference which I attended that their designers spent a lot of time just on the iteration of the design of the Angry Bird‘s app icon, getting to the best result after 40 versions.

This useful post will give you six little tips that can help you a lot in the hard task of creating a good and memorable icon for your app, thus getting more atention and more downloads.

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Matt LegaspiTheScore

Designing the UI when it comes to Android devices can be sometimes particularly troublesome. For those ones looking to embark on possibly one the most misinformed areas of the mobile space (Android application design), this post will point you six issues to focus on in your next project.

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Anand BhusariNetSolutions

More and more people are using their mobile phones every day for shopping online instead of computers. Most retail stores are turning their physical spaces into e-commerce websites, and if your client has to wait too much loading a landing page, or if it’s not correctly designed then someone else will take his attention.

Here you can find great recommendations to have in mind when thinking about the requirements of an e-Commerce website for mobiles. These facts are critical when deciding key factors such as ratio of hits and bounces, conversion rate of leads and the assurance of revisits from the buyers.

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Abishek GuptaTechvoize

The task of prototyping is one of the key moments of the intense process of developing an app. With a prototype a developer can get a pretty useful feedback from users at an early stage and have a chance to see how the app would look like, thus getting the chance to recognize and rectify some issues and errors that can delay the process of wrapping up your project.

You can also prototype on paper, which is pretty fast and easy but not many developers know that also there are a lot of apps available that could be used for prototyping your app quickly. Don’t worry anymore, the author of this list took the time to test and use the 5 most effective tools that will help you to build your future successful app.

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And with these last 4 articles we end the roundups about “User Interface Tips & Tricks”. Of course we have a lot of topics to cover in further roundups and we are looking for more useful posts that will help you in the hard process of building your app. We hope you had enjoy reading!

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