Web design and web development are terms that people seem to use in the same way and they’re actually two different fields of specialization. 

The differences between both may be unclear for a person who is about to start a tech career. These two occupations require different types of practical and soft skills and if you want to hire someone make sure to know what services you need.

So what’s the difference between web design and web development.

What web development involves?

Development is the process of taking a static layout or concept and turning it into a functioning website or application. This is usually done by a programmer.

  • They add complex functionality to the website 
  • Create user interactivity features
  • Build such an interface that could load fast and dynamic on any browser.
  • They deal with the main logic and database of the website.

What web design involves?

Design Is about determining what the website looks like, and how users will interact with it. It’s the flow of the user’s experience as they interact with a site. 

  • They work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Use design software like Fireworks, Photoshop or Illustrator
  • They know about layout and navigation principles
  • They understand color and typography
  • Must have good skills in graphic and logo design.

To cut a long story short, a web-designer only deals with the layout of the website, whereas the web developer brings the website into life by writing code using different technologies. Of course it’s totally possible to blend these two paths. There’s nothing to say that a web designer can’t learn HTML and CSS, just like there’s no hard and fast rule that developers can’t work on their design skills and offer a full suite of design and development options to their clients. 

Hope this article has clarified your doubts. Stay close to read more about other topics!

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