Why is UX Important for Business

User experience is a popular business buzzword right now — but what does it really mean? And how can your business and product benefit?

What is UX Design? 

UX design is all about the experience of a product or service. It is one of the main reasons we have the ability to pick up almost any device or go to any website and know how to navigate it. UX is the process of designing with the goal of improving the user’s experience of the design.

Difference Between UX and UI?

UX and UI are very often mistaken for one another, however, they’re quite different.

What is UI?

UI, also known as User Interface, focuses on good structure and allows users to seamlessly flow through websites and apps. It focuses on usability and less on experience.

How UI and UX Connect

UI and UX connect because they need one another to create designs. Fantastic user experience without User Interface would be all style and no substance, leading to something that looks good but isn’t easy to use or intuitive. Vice versa, great UI would be highly functional, but visually and interactively not engaging with the user.

The Importance of UX for Business

Businesses need to understand how they can use UX design to improve different aspects of their organisation. We’ll look at a few examples of how this can be done. 

UX and Business Websites

Businesses are more and more moving to an online basis for sales, leads and providing information. Because of this move, UX design is also becoming more important. Strong user experience can benefit websites by providing feedback to users that keep them on your site for longer. Typically if a user spends longer on a website they’re more likely to convert into a sale or lead. 

Mobile Apps 

User experience in apps is crucial to the success of any application. Easy to understand and intuitive controls can improve the enjoyment of anything, but even more so with apps. This is primarily due to the screen size because optimisation for different sizes is important. Larger buttons based on thumb sizes and text being readable are all small touches that can add up to a big difference.

The Benefits of UX Design

There are already so many reasons as to why UX Design is important but just to confirm this point, here are our top 4 reasons UX design is important for your business:

Improved Revenue

One business in particular that invested in UX design is Amazon. Amazon’s UX is unique and very impressive– it is, however, not the only reason Amazon is achieving such success but has definitely helped. Amazon’s UX has made a big impact in the success of this online business. Amazon converts at 15%, which is 12% more than a typical business website. It converts even higher for prime customers at around 75%. Amazon has improved its conversion rates by allowing customers to find and buy with ease. This simple style allows almost anyone to easily find what they want and buy within a few clicks. Conversions are simply when a user reaches a goal or target point of a website, in Amazon’s case, the conversion point is the checkout.

Retain Customers

Customers are something that most of us want to keep a hold of. UX design is a great way to improve the number of customers you retain. If a customer comes to your site and has an easy and custom experience, they are more likely to come back and buy from you again. Ensuring an easy path and enough information each time can improve this retention.

More Efficient Customers 

Improved UX design can allow customers to be more efficient. By providing good design, users are less likely to ask questions and queries. This saves your business time and money by not having to deal with as many sales and tech questions.

Increased Engagement

Users of your website, platform or even your brochures will be more engaged. Attractive and user-friendly design encourages users to interact more. This increased interaction helps develop brand awareness and can lead to increases in sales and leads.

Rounding Up UX’s Importance For Business

So, let’s round-up what we’ve covered. UX is an essential part of modern-day design. You can find effective design in many different places and the benefits are huge. So, get out there and start looking at your user experience, do some testing, and try to understand how users use your designs.

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