Why UX design matters?

UX design is the process of strategically designing products with the customer in mind to maximize accessibility and optimize usability. Great design brings value through user experience, as well as helping to direct those users towards a product goal.

One of the most important steps in the process of designing effective UX is user research. Understanding the people who will be using your service: who is your target and why they would like to have your product.

Within a few seconds of viewing the application, all users should be clear about the interface and the ability to switch between screens. Therefore, UX can decide whether consumers are willing to come back to buy more things or leave your website.

So here we share 5 reasons why UX design matters

  1. UX increases conversion rates

Customers are inherently impatient. The average human attention span is only 8 seconds. If users do not like what they see, they simply refuse to accept any unnecessary complexity, thereby delaying immediate access to the information they need. Prioritizing UX encourages customers to fully explore the platform

  1. UX increases revenue

When users see that they have to go through a complicated procedure or do things they don’t want to do like registration, then they simply leave the website, known as shopping cart abandon rate.

If the user enjoys the experience, they will stay longer in the website, exploring page to page. The longer they interact with the web, the more likely it is that they will convert.

3. UX Boosts SEO Rankings

Google shows a preference for sites that provide excellent user experience. Optimizing the UX-quality of your platform will lead to a higher rank on search engines. 

4. UX improve buzz

Consumers are largely influenced by suggestions from nearby people. The positive experience of users can further influence and encourage other similar users to build brands.The more enthusiastic you treat your guests, the better their response to you, and the better their evaluation of you.

5. UX enhances customer loyalty

If the interaction is positive, the brand is more likely to become the focus of attention. Customers tend to return to the most familiar state. A good user experience can enhance brand loyalty.

Now that you’ve read these reasons, do we convince you?

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