Will UX design die?

Will the UX Design field be replaced or disappear completely? It’s not like we’ll flip a switch and suddenly UX Design will disappear. The UX Design field isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it’s certainly undergoing some changes.

The importance of UX Design has exploded in recent decades and is only getting more popular. Over the last decade, hardware has become smaller, cheaper and more efficient, making software capable of beautiful graphics, animations and interactions. This transition has put UX Design in the spotlight. Nowadays it’s not enough to have a useful app. To compete with other apps, it also has to be beautiful and easy to use.

UX Design is also becoming more and more specialized. It’s no longer sufficient to just be a “UX” designer. Do you focus on UI Design? Interaction Design? Visual Design? Voice-guided UI? As we head into the future, these specializations will become more important as design itself becomes more important.

We’re already seeing this play out in the real world. Single job listings for “UX Designers” are being replaced with multiple job listings for specialized UX Design fields like “UI Designer” or “Interaction Designer”. The UX Design field is here to stay, and it will evolve. Technology is changing rapidly, which is changing human behavior and our expectations for how we should interact with devices and the digital world.

 If everything is going to be voice-guided and screens will disappear, will our jobs disappear as well? Absolutely not! Quite the opposite actually. Voice, for example, isn’t replacing visual user interface, but is instead creating a category all of its own. It’s true that screens will become less and less relevant, but interface itself isn’t going anywhere. As long as people have eyes to see, they’ll need interfaces to inform them about the status of a system and to give them a method for interacting with a system. 

No one knows for certain what the future holds. We can only look at the data and try our best to stay on top of current trends. But I’m quite certain of one thing, at least; the “Experience” in User Experience Design will change. As technology integrates more tightly with human senses, UX Design will have to adapt, but it is here to stay.

SOURCE:  ERIC BIELLER | careerfoundry.com

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